2018 Housesitting Video - HouseSitMatch Competition Winner

2018 Winning Housesitting Video

27 May, 2018

2018 Winning Housesitting Video

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In 2018 HouseSitMatch.com hosted the first Housesitting video competition. We established this competition with the main goal of asking what people who enjoy and benefit from the experience of housesitting consider the main reasons why ‘Housesitting is brilliant’. We were delighted with the response we received with a range of entertaining, fascinating and original short videos sharing both house-sitting and pet-sitting stories.

Housesitting video

Our winning entry came from Andrew and Christopher,aka The Global Wanderers full time housesitters with a sense of service and adventure. Read the blog and watch their video.

Housesitting video
Andrew and Christopher winners of the 2018 HouseSitMatch Housesitting video competition

The Winning Housesitting video

Competitions vary widely in the way the winner is nominated. In this video competition we held a two stage nomination and democratic voting selection process.  We received a large number of votes from housesitters and home pet owners from all over the world.  The votes cast for this winning video were significantly more than for any other video submitted.

They described the remarkable benefits of housesitting they have experienced from travel to making great friends. They also talk about the service they offer and their sense of responsibility when petsitting and caring for homes.


housesitting video

The winning video poem transcribed:

From travelling the world
And caring for pets
Minding great homes
It’s as good as life pets

Peoples possessions
And all they hold dear
Lovingly cared for
Without any fear

Live like a local
Explore all around
Beaches, markets and cafes
The options abound

Seize opportunities
Go out on a limb
Say yes to adventure
Live life on a whim

Meet other great folk
As the journey you take
Owners, sitters and strangers
Good friends you will make

The world is your oyster
With no end in sight
The house sitting lifestyle
Is such a delight

House sitting is brilliant
And oh so much more
The great travelling lifestyle
Live the dream and explore!

Biographies of the Winning film-makers

Andrew Redfern 

Andrew is a trained primary teacher who now runs his own IT company whilst being a full time international house sitter. He has performed in more than 50 amateur theatre productions, was an extra in a film in New Zealand and joined the cast of Calendar Girls whilst in Mexico. A keen yogi, he is currently studying to be a yoga teacher. Originally growing up on a farm before moving to Sydney, he now considers himself a global citizen and loves the travelling, nomadic lifestyle.

Christopher Ojala

Christopher is a keen photographer and lover of architecture and design. He has lived and worked in many parts of Australia and has always had the travel bug. In 2005, he walked the Camino – a 750km pilgrimage across Northern Spain and considers this one of his greatest achievements. He worked as a visual merchandiser for luxury brands in Sydney, started a successful cupcake business and now builds websites and manages social media whilst being full time on the road.

Housessitting video

What voters said about this Housesitting video

Each had something very charming.  I especially liked the addition of the fabulous poem in this one! – Elizabeth
This video nails it, the very best bits of housesitting – Jennifer
Hands down the best!! – Eden


Housesitting video

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