8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation

18 Nov, 2021

8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation

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Every homeowner who lives in one property long enough needs to renovate and decorate. So it is really important to try and research economic ways of renovating, otherwise costs can spiral out of control. Here are 8 affordable DIY ideas to help you get started.

8 Affordable DIY ideas for home renovation 

affordable DIY ideas
A little DIY home decorating is a great way to start

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Renovating homes is not an easy task, especially if you’re doing it all yourself. How are you going to give an entire house a major facelift alone? The work itself is enough of a challenge. Add money into the mix, and it becomes a different story. So it makes sense to research as many affordable DIY ideas as possible before you start.

Now’s the perfect time to do it if you want to do some renovation work. You can plan and execute things without having to rush anything all the time.

And fortunately, house renovation doesn’t have to be a fancy and expensive endeavour. Also, you don’t need to call other people all the time to ask for assistance. Take a look at these DIY ideas to spruce up your lovely abodes!

Paint new life into your cabinets and walls

Are you looking to give your walls and cabinets a makeover? Give them a fresh coat of paint! But before you start taking out the brushes, here’s a friendly reminder: painting requires more than just adding colors onto surfaces. There’s a lot that goes into the process.

How much area do you need? What paint colors and textures are you using? What primer do you use for old plaster walls?

Are there cracks that need to be filled before painting? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before attempting any paint job.

Do all the necessary research (Google is your friend!) and prep work before you start choosing colors. Trust us; the payoff will be worth it. Happy painting!

Up your storage game

Regardless of your space’s size, you should do your best to maximize it. One way to do this is having smart storage space. Got any unclaimed walls or surfaces? Use it and add open shelves! Installing them doesn’t take long, and it isn’t rocket science, so you don’t need to be a pro carpenter to do the job.

If you are clearing an entire property to start creating your storage spaces try house clearances London.

affordable DIY ideas
Maximising storage space is always useful in a family home

Not only does this free up cluttered spaces, but it also makes your items more accessible. Let’s say you’re looking for a particular spice for a specific recipe. You won’t have to rummage through every drawer to find whatever you’re looking for. 

Switch up your railings

Got a two- or multiple-story house? You may want to give your railings a lift. If you think this doesn’t make a difference, think again. Turn your simple-looking stair railing into an extra special feature.

Don’t know where to start? Look at your railing’s original look or material. Jazz it up by repainting it or replacing the material altogether. Want to go the extra mile? Switch it up to a different style! Make sure what you’re planning to do fits or blends well with the rest of the house. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb.

Get in on the shiplap bandwagon

Have you noticed those overlapping accent walls displayed in home magazines? They’re called shiplap walls. What makes them look great is their seamless look, like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together. 

Want shiplap walls for your house? Go get them! This popular and fuss-free style fits well in just about any home, and they’re pretty easy to install too. So even if you live in a modern-looking space, they’ll blend in quite nicely with your interior. 

You’ll need plywood planks, construction adhesive, and nails to get the job done. Feel free to paint them in your desired color for a great finishing touch!

Light up the world in strings

String lights aren’t a novel concept. If you’ve been to any outdoor events (especially at nightfall), you’ve probably seen your fair share of them dangling around and lighting up spaces. Want to replicate their timeless magic? Take that setting to your home and hang them!

Outdoor spaces like patios and porches are the perfect places to add string lights in your home. Not only do they bring light to these spaces, but they also add a whimsical touch. These lights make really affordable DIY ideas, and so simple to add.  So if you’re fond of outdoor entertaining, make gatherings extra special by having them around! They make for picture-perfect and functional decorations, especially at night.

Sprinkle your garden with a good system

If you’ve got a lawn in your house, installing a sprinkler system is never a bad idea. Sprinklers save you time and effort from watering every inch of grass in your garden on your own. You know the feeling of manually doing this all the time, and it’s not always fun. The question is, where do you even begin with this?

Ask landscaping and irrigation experts to design a suitable sprinkler system for your lawn. You can also visit Sprinkler Supply Store for quality plumbing supplies for your system. They’ll be happy to help you with any of your inquiries, and they may even give you tips while they’re at it.

Rethink your curtains 

Curtains jazz up spaces just at much as other interior design pieces do. If you have a simple-looking home, their addition will enhance its overall aesthetic.

Most pros say that curtains should ideally be four to six inches above your window frame. If you pull this off, this makes your window look taller. Got tall windows? Use them to your advantage by hanging curtains six to twelve inches above their frames. Stretch out your curtain rods to three to six inches on both sides. For an extra flair, make your curtains slightly touch the floor.

Turn your doors into statement pieces

Give your doors new life by turning them into head-turning attractions. Start by taking their hinges and reinstalling them onto sliding barn tracks. Do your research before and during the installation stages for less stress. Once done, add embellishments, such as a wreathe or even a fancy door knocker. 

Final words on affordable DIY ideas

Your home should be a safe and relaxing haven for you and everyone living in it. After all, you’re going to be spending a ton of time in it. These budget-friendly tips should give you a good start on your renovation mission, and the best part? You can do them all by yourself. All your efforts will be worth it if you pull them off well. Good luck!



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