How bad is an iguanas bite?

1 Mar, 2022

How bad is an iguanas bite?

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If you have a penchant for exotic pets you may already know something about iguanas. However, even as a pet owner who prefers the exotic you may not know much about how iguana’s bite, and why. Read on to learn more about how bad is an iguana’s bite and what might trigger this action.

How bad is an iguanas bite?

how bad is an iguanas bite
Iguanas are surprising creatures full of character and tempermental

Iguanas may bite, although it is unusual. They have razor-sharp teeth that they utilize to tear plants. The teeth are sharp, flat, and leak-shaped, with serrated edges. Because the teeth are located on the inside edges of the jawbone, they are not usually visible, especially in immature iguanas. The teeth have the potential to create severe cuts.

There are a variety of reasons why your iguana may bite you or why an iguana in your yard might try to bite you. If it’s a pet, make sure you spend a lot of time with it, getting it used to being handled and learning its body language.

Although an iguana bite is not toxic or venomous, it can cause considerable harm. Iguana venom glands have atrophied, producing only a weak and harmless venom. Their bites can severely injure the fingers, ankles, wrists, and face.

Iguana removal in Palm Beach

If you are scared about iguanas biting you or your children, it is essential to know how to handle them. You can face some consequences if you harm an iguana, according to Iguana Control Palm Beach. Don’t try to remove them on your own, as it is illegal to relocate them. Instead, call in a professional iguana removal expert to take care of the business.

What you need to know about iguana bites

Iguanas eat plants; their primary source of nutrition is plant-based. According to one research, herbivorous lizards must have a stronger biting power than carnivorous or omnivorous species to consume and digest vegetation.

Though there have been several cases of iguanas assaulting their owners, the good news is that an iguana will warn you before biting you. This involves standing on its hind legs and leaning forward with its head bowed. This is an indication that it is feeling threatened.

How bad is an iguanas bite and what types of bites do they give?

Iguanas may bite you for a variety of reasons; however, here are some reasons why iguanas usually bite:

Bites of Curiosity

When iguanas see or smell anything new, they usually investigate. They reach out their tongue and take a little bite to test if anything responds.

Unintentional Bites

This is common when hand feeding your iguanas. There are no major injuries linked with this bite because it is not designed to assault you in a hostile situation.

Frightening Bites

When attempting to tame an iguana you have recently purchased, it may wag its tail and bite you out of fear. The power of this type of bite is not particularly dangerous, nor should you be concerned.

Kind Bites

Such bites have the potential to persist for a long time. This is not dangerous; the bite typically eases with time and will be released after some time. It becomes more aggressive when you take it away and bite harder. Placing an alcohol swab under its nose is one method of dealing with it. If it is chewing and clutching onto your clothes, remove it carefully so that it does not injure its teeth.

Territorial Bites

Territory dominance is vital for iguanas, just like any other species. Putting two or more male iguanas in the same enclosure is a terrible idea since territorial attacks will ensue.

The Mating Season Is Cruel

Male iguanas may be highly aggressive and difficult to handle during the breeding season.

A final word on an iguanas bite

Iguanas can also detect hormonal changes in human females. Believe it or not it makes them much crazier. So, when mating season arrives, never take your iguanas out of their cages. Absolutely keep from stroking them, especially if you are female!


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