Pet owner Top Tips – How to build a dog house

16 Jun, 2020

Pet owner Top Tips – How to build a dog house

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While some pet owners like to have their dogs sleep in their home and even in their beds, many owners prefer to have a dog house. Deciding on just how big the dog house or kennel should be, and what shape it could take can take some planning. Here are some top tips for dog owners about how and why to build and shape your dog house.

Top tips on Building a Dog House

dog house
Matching the dog house to your home can make a difference

It’s true that many people love sharing the couch or bed with their dog. However, if you are not one of them and you want to put a good stand to use in order to make the perfect home for your little friend, read on.

Building a good house for your dog is not a very complicated task. However, but it might take you a bit of time. So you want to make sure that you do everything needed to get your dog house right first time. After all, it’s where your furry friend will spend quite a lot of time, so it needs to be a great lounging spot.

Planning the size of the dog house

Of course, the first thing you should take into account is how big the house should be. If you have a pup, you will need to think about his or her size after reaching maturity, as this happens very fast, and you don’t want to build two houses over a couple of months.

Next, you should know that a dog is comfortable having around ⅓ of his or her height of air above their head. So ensure the space doesn’t feel cramped. We’re talking specifically about the dog’s height while standing. If your pup is already grown up, then measure him or her and determine from the measurements how tall the house should be.

Keep in mind that the dog needs to be able to look out of the entrance comfortably. They should be able to see while standing or sitting. Consider this when determining the right position for the access point as well.

Plan the size of your dog house to suit your pet

Raising your dog house up from the ground

Any dog house needs to be raised several inches from the ground, and this is important for two reasons. Firstly, it allows water and air to flow underneath the construction, which preserves it for longer. Secondly, it’s an effective way to keep pests from invading the house.

Moreover, the space will benefit from better ventilation, which is very important for the pet’s health. However, if you want to protect your dog if you live in a windy area, think about creating two rooms. You may also consider two entrances.

The dog house patio

With this strategy, the dog will enter into a sort of an antechamber or patio (that can be protected by walls as well). They can turn either left or right through a second entrance keeping the dog safe from any cold wind.

If this is too complicated or unnecessary, then simply add a wind block around the main entrance. However, this is less effective in keeping the wind away. Dogs use their own body heat to warm up during cold weather. So it’s important to make sure that they have all the necessary conditions in order to be able to do this.

Another aspect to consider if you add an entrance wind block is that your dog might chew on it. Since we’ve mentioned chewing, it’s true that some dogs love entertaining themselves by destroying the corners of the house. If you want to avoid this, you can simply add some metal parts around the corners and edges to prevent this from happening.

Consider the different uses for your pet’s kennel

A Bit About the Dog House Construction

it’s crucial for your dog’s health to keep him or her safe from rain. Therefore, the floor should be just a bit tilted towards the doorway. This way no water gathers inside the house. The same goes for the roof if you don’t go for the traditional design made of two parts.

Of course, the house should also be well insulated. Depending on the type of material you choose for the walls, you can create double ones and add insulation in the middle. This is especially important if you live in an area in which cold temperatures occur quite often.

While the house should be insulated and well-designed, don’t paint the interior room. this could prove toxic for the dog. Instead, you can always add a comfy pillow or some blankets. Once it’s completed, make sure that you can also easily clean the house. It’s one of your regular tasks as a dog house owner.



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