Add vibrancy to a home – 10 Top tips

22 Nov, 2022

Add vibrancy to a home – 10 Top tips

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Is your home is feeling a little bit mundane? As  a homeowner were you recently inspired by visiting someone else’s home? Then read on. There are some simple ways to spruce up your living space, and add vibrancy to a home. This article gives you 10 simple ways to transform your home and makes it new. 

10 Top tips on how to add vibrancy to a home

add vibrancy to a home
Colour can go a long way to making a home feel more vibrant

The front door 

Make the front door the portal to your home by painting or replacing it. The front door makes a difference to how the property is perceived in the local area; it can also live your mood when you return home; instead of a mundane front door, you have one that is more vibrant and appealing. 

If you have a solid wood front door, the easiest thing to do is paint it with vibrant colours from your local home store; some of the most popular colours for a front door these days include different shades of red, cyan, and yellow. Alternatively, you could update the front door instead.    

Coloured bookshelves 

When it comes to making your home more vibrant, there are two avenues to explore; you can make your home bold and vibrant by painting the walls; ceiling and changing the flooring; the other option is to keep it subtle with vibrant accessories and painting the inside of bookshelves. 

Painting the inside of your bookshelves is an excellent way to create more vibrancy in the home without the boldness of bright furniture and accessories. If you like a neutral space with subtle colours, paint the inside of your bookshelves in a contrasting hue to get the best of both worlds.

Fancy flooring 

wood flooring at home
Living rooms feel warmer with a wood or coloured floor

If your floors are looking a bit dull and uninspiring, spruce them up. Use paint or varnish to transform the atmosphere of your home. Again consider that painting your flooring is the best option. It gives you a chance to change your home colours based on moods and seasons.  And it can be easy to do yourself.

Learn more about epoxy chip flooring, and get ready to transform your home floors. The epoxy makes the surface highly durable, while the chips add color and texture to the floor. This type of flooring is commonly used in commercial spaces such as garages and warehouses, but it’s becoming more popular for residential use as well.

Traditional wooden flooring is the best kind for painting; not only that, painting these floors gives you a chance to cover up many of the imperfections in the wood that appear thanks to daily use. If you don’t have traditional wooden flooring, you can invest in vinyl, laminate, or solid wood. 

Spanish ceramics 

Another subtle way of bringing more colour into your home is to use Spanish ceramics. Spanish ceramics are colourful and versatile; they are also very accessible; you can buy them from  Verano Ceramics and transform the atmosphere of your home when your items are delivered. 

Unlike some of the other options on the list, Spanish ceramics are a fast and effortless way to add vibrancy to your home and transform the atmosphere temporarily or in the long term. Using colourful ceramics, you can make your home feel more seasonal or adapt the style to a mood.

add vibrancy to a home
Ceramic tiles can add a vibrancy and energy to the décor

Painted ceiling 

Some people think a darker ceiling makes your rooms feel smaller and more confining; while there is no hard evidence in support of it, there is plenty of the anecdotal kind. However, a ceiling is a perfect way to make your home more vibrant with some primary and accent colours. 

Brighten up your home and make your rooms feel more spacious with pastel-coloured ceilings that are subtle and welcoming; on the other hand, choose a bolder ceiling colour to match your personal vibrancy on the home’s theme. Spanish colours are bright, bold, and lively options. 

Accent walls 

If you don’t fancy painting your entire home, then simply paint an accent wall. This too can add vibrancy to a home. This gives you a change of atmosphere whenever you feel like it. But there’s a reason accent walls have become popular. They provide a versatile way to change a home’s style based on moods and seasons.   

There are no limitations on accent walls; they can be used in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom to create a vibrant new atmosphere for your home. All you need to paint an accent wall is a poy of paint from your hardware stores. Why not keep a collection for changing moods?

Kitchen appliances 

kitchen appliances

Colourful kitchen appliances add a vibrant focal pointWhen it comes to making your home more vibrant, most people think about renovation projects, but transforming your home doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. If you want to transform your home the easy way, simply use kitchen appliances to create an atmosphere.   

These days, kitchen appliances can be bought with colourful casings and shells, so make sure you take this into account when buying your next eco kettle, air fryer, coffee machine, or toaster. Kitchen appliances and other home appliances are a simple way to accent your home interior. 

Coloured cabinets 

As with bookshelves, coloured cabinets are an excellent way to accent your home. They bring more vibrancy to a room without having to renovate the property or spend a lot of money. Whether your furniture is new or second hand, changing the colour by painting at the weekend is affordable and fun. 

This is your chance to try out your DIY skills and use your creativity to make your home more special and personal. There are a few things you need for a successful home painting project, one of them is some vibrant paint from the shop, and the other is a range of brushes for detail.  

Painted furniture 

On the topic of painting cabinets, you can also transform your home with second hand furniture. It is an affordable way to buy and gives you another chance to experiment with your creativity and DIY skills. Check out second hand stores online and in the local area for some great bargains. 

Don’t worry if the furniture you buy is damaged or rough around the edges; a lick of paint can make all the difference. Again, buy a range of vibrant colours for paint, and you can enjoy changing the atmosphere of your home every season or whenever you feel like a change. 

Hanging art 

add vibrancy to a home
Consider adding a gallery wall to display colourful art

Another simple way of creating more vibrancy in your home is to hang art in your rooms. Hanging art is colourful, practical, and very personal addition to your space. It is also an excellent conversation starter when people come to your home for parties and gatherings. Hanging art can also say a lot about your tastes. 

Ways to add vibrancy to a home in summary

As you can see from these suggestions there are all kinds of fun ways to add vibrancy to a home. Without spending too much money you can bring your living space to life. Just use a little colour and make a few strategic additions to your home.


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