Best value travel as a student

25 Mar, 2019

Best value travel as a student

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Real advice for best value travel tips:

How to afford to travel the world if you are a student from a province

Travelling is an experience nobody wants to miss out on. As a student, travel is one of the best experiences in this phase of your life allowing you to indulge in new adventures, have different cultural encounters and learn new aspects of the ways of living. This all depends of course on how you research and make the most of the best value travel options when you make your journey.

Nevertheless, as much as anyone wants to embrace the travel exploits, the one things that are holding you back is money. As a piece of good news to everyone, more and more places are booming up, that’s promoting the idea of budget travel.

Even if you are a student from a province, these budget tips could come in handy to have an enjoyable trip that does not put a hole in your wallet. Here are a few ways to look into if you are up for the adventure. This will also help to contact essay writers online from that will provide you with assistance to write an essay.

affordable travel
Dream travel destinations secured by researching best value travel tips

1. Earn Extra Money

A little extra money could make a lot of difference. Though the academic schedules are challenging on their own without extra curricular work, there are many ways to work and earn money. Freelance writing is one of the popular ways for students to work without affecting their academics. So for our next best value travel tip, take your laptop!

Many websites promote freelance essay writing for students. Essaypro is one of the best platforms that offer academic writing services for students. The platform is sought out to assist with deadlines, admission essays, and dissertations. With the talent in writing,  students themselves can sign up and offer to be a content writer.

There are also many other niches to work as a freelancer. Websites like Upwork, have many jobs lined up for writers, designers illustrators, customer services, and many more. Freelancing is gaining popularity, and it is one of the efficient ways to gain extra money to travel and also to be able to do remote work from anywhere in the world.

best value travel
Work while you travel – it is a real option today!


2. Be Flexible

The most important aspect of budget travelling is to be flexible. High seasons tend to be expensive, with prices of accommodation to flight tickets going up in demand. By choosing to travel in the shoulder season, one can save significant costs in travel expenses. it will help you make the most of the best value travel opportunities, and enable you to perhaps stay a little longer.

Flexibility not only appeals to travel seasons alone. While booking flights, departure timings and departure airports could all influence a cheaper ticket. Also, look for longer layovers instead of direct flights. If possible, these layovers could also be turned into a quick city visit.

best value travel
Research your travel logistics to ensure best value travel


3. Work for Accommodation

Accommodation could easily be one of the costly expenses during any trajourney. One way to tackle this is to volunteer to work in exchange for accommodation. In many hostels across the world, there is always demand for people to work in exchange for accommodation, especially in peak seasons. It is one of our student best value travel tips.

Housesitting and petsitting also allow you to stay for free in exchange for doing basic chores usually related to home, garden or pet care as seen in the assignments on Increasingly the housesitting opportunities are covering wider areas of the globe as this trend is growing across many countries. It is a best value travel tip not to ignore.

Make sure you check the website carefully to ensure you have read customer testimonials and that they are authenticated customer reviews such as on a trusted website like Trustpilot as with HouseSitMatch customer reviews.

dog walkers
Pet sitting in exchange for free accommodation enables affordable travel

For those who do not mind a little hard work.  Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms is an excellent spot to look for accommodation in farms.

4. Use Student benefits

Being a student comes with plenty of perks. Get an  International Student Identity Card and use it to bag discounts on travel. Depending on the country, these benefits could range from free entry passes to museums, discounts on trips and other attractions.

There might be certain conditions involved like a free entry on certain days of the week or so. It would be wise to check out the options before planning the trip.


5. Do enough Homework

For budget travel, it can be hard to be spontaneous. At times, the risk of jumping gun and booking a flight it might be worth it, but if there is time to do some research, you will benefit from more best value travel opportunities and discounts. Start with finding the right places to travel at the right times. Cheap destinations can offer much more than a popular place that has already been taken over by tourists.

Many museums and attractions also have one free admission every month, and it would be a shame to waste money on it when with a little planning, you can see them for free.


6. Travel with a Companion

Anything is more fun when done with friends, especially going on a journey. Plus, it comes with the additional perks of splitting the expenses that’s a top best value travel tip. Hit up all your contacts to see if anyone would like to share the travel experience. Even if the person is at the destination, it could add some local insight to the journey.

These travel tricks could add a lot of affordability into the travel equation. Use these tips wisely and being a student with no hefty bank account will not come in the way of that.



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