Build houses – Study Architecture – The best universities in 2021

29 Mar, 2021

Build houses – Study Architecture – The best universities in 2021

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If you have always wanted to build houses, most homeowners dream of this, consider where to study architecture. Perhaps it is a long held dream or it is something are have started considering recently. Regardless, you will need to think of where to study your chosen subject. Here is a short list of the best schools of architecture to consider when you want to study architecture in the USA.

Best Universities to Study Architecture in 2021 

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The West 28th St Building, designed by Zaha Hadid – Photo by Hector Falcon


It is important to remember that studying architecture will take you five years. That’s five years if you are a high-school graduate pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree. So you must calculate the costs and resources you’ll need for the full curriculum and post-graduation. Finding the best university to study architecture in 2021 is quite challenging. This is mainly because of the major differences between how the design and construction aspects are approached in China for example versus the United States.

Without a doubt, any typical architecture curriculum will study the basics and the world’s architecture. Yet some universities are considered the best in terms of engineering and participation in foreign projects. Unfortunately, the aspect of studying abroad is currently restricted in 2021 due to Covid. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the limitations during your first academic year against current travel restrictions.

Here are some of the best options to consider for your Architecture degree:

Study architecture – Some of the best Universities to consider

Study Architecture – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

While MIT is not the first university you might think of for architecture, it is one of the best options. It will help you understand the ethical norms in architecture, engineering, and innovation. For students with an environmental interest, MIT is a top choice. If you are creative and want to understand how projects meet environmental standards, MIT is great.

Study Architecture – Harvard University Graduate School of Design

It is one of the top schools to learn design and architecture from the best in the industry. The most important aspect of this university is the need for innovation and studying original design. Accuracy and originality are highly rated. Always check your college assignments with the help of plagiarism-detection and similar support tools by checking LetsGradeIt. Remember, consult your grading rubrics and the curriculum requirements to ensure that nothing is missed!

Study Architecture – Berkeley, University of California

UC Berkeley ranks in the top two universities in the United States for architecture. Moreover, it is in fifth position worldwide in the list of Architecture/Built Environment as surveyed by QS Ranking. What makes it stand out is the curriculum focus on environmental issues and design aspects. It has courses for designers and those who would like to study 3D and other modelling types.

Still, what makes it unique is the innovative Environmental Design course. On this particular course you  study architecture and the world’s resources in terms of preservation. As a result, you will also study use of efficient construction and design methods.

Study Architecture – Cornell University

The College of Architecture, Art, and Planning is one of the most prestigious schools of architecture. It has one of the highest entry requirements. Consequently, you will receive every possible support once you are active on the programme. If Urban Planning programs and various civil engineering degrees related to architecture interest you, consider this school. Moreover, if you have good academic credentials, creativity, and community work honors, consider applying.

Study Architecture – Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

You can choose a four-year Architecture course or a pre-professional architecture program. Both help you to prepare for the two-year curriculum of a Masters in Architecture. There are challenging tasks and numerous analytical assessments. You will have to write reviews, plus study the various cases presented to you. As a way to get every task under control, consider the best online essay writing services. Regardless if you need to find a competitive topic, work with your sources, or find assistance with formatting. Working with a professional expert in your field will always help you!

What Study Methods Will Help in College if you study architecture?

study architecture
Study architecture to learn how to build houses with sustainable credentials and ergonomic design – Photo by Andrea Davis


Learning to participate in team projects is one of the best ways to achieve success in architecture.

You’ll study aspects of modelling that will stretch you beyond your curriculum and into practical projects.

Meanwhile, studying world cultures and traditions also helps you to connect theory with practice.

Remember to check the list of interactive projects as you compare the curriculum of the universities. It will help you to embrace your creativity and earn credit at the same time.

Take time before making your final choice of university when you apply to study architecture.

Take time to understand the options available, how you will learn and what resources are available.

As a result, you will graduate with the very best grades.

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