Combining education and work – housesitter or homeowner

23 Jul, 2020

Combining education and work – housesitter or homeowner

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Whether you are a housesitter, a homeowner or still a student at home many people worry about how to combine education with work. While this can be particularly challenging there are ways to plan and optimise your experience when combining the two. Here are some tips on how…

Tips on How to Combine your Education with Work

education and work
Combine both education and work with some careful planning

Part-time jobs while in school are a great way to make use of the free time you get. It’s a way of generating some income to push you through campus life. Balancing both work and education is very important in ensuring you benefit from both.

The job market often requires an experienced workforce and once you graduate, you need it. You get to have a competitive work advantage once you begin working early enough. Here are some of the tips on how to balance your education with work.

Craft each day to combine education and work effectively

Your day will entail your studies, your work, and other extra activities that you do. There’s no better way to ensure that you achieve all these plans than by crafting a timetable. It helps you divide adequate time to balance your working time and study period.

Ensure you know how your learning schedule works. To keep you on track, check on any updates related to it from your email, online platforms, or inquiries from your teachers. Then optimize your free time by fitting in your work shift. This is only achievable once you have a flexible job that prioritizes your studies.

Co-ordinate your education and work 

Schoolwork entails assignments that your tutors give out after a period. These are crucial in determining how your final grades before graduation will be. It’s best to always ensure that you submit your assignments on time to avoid getting on the wrong foot in your education. This gets more complicated of course if you are combining education and work.

To ensure this, you need to organize yourself and know what to start with keeping in mind the due date of submission. During such times, learn to use online services that provide work assistance. EduBirdie is a well-known service that specializes on essays, presentations and all other academic writing work.

Your work is as important and meeting deadlines is crucial in improving your working experience. You get to earn respect at work for balancing your time and your projects will work out well. Ensure that no matter what comes your way, always deliver your work on time.

Create a rapport with your employer

Communication in any working system is vital in determining how effective your work turns out. Try communicating with your employer to avoid having dilemmas at work. You can do this by sending them an email or requesting a colleague to stand in for you. Then let your employer know your plans on coming in the next day.

You might not have the ability to be at work the next day due to unavoidable reasons. Be reasonable when informing them, keeping in mind that your decision affects the working system. Most of them understand and they are likely able to permit you.

Organize your education and work

Manage both education and work no matter where you are

You need to understand the structure of your schoolwork and use that information in creating a working structure. Your school timetable will affect the outlook of your working schedule. Organize your work to the greatest of your ability to meet demands even when you get too much on your plate.

Break down your working structure into smaller and more manageable portions. This ensures you are always on toes on what to do and how to do it based on the little time you have. Be reasonable when allocating time for work you divide to specific periods. It ensures you do good work and meet the due date of submission.

Set aside time to relax

Too much pressure comes with balancing your education and work. Especially when you need to achieve good grades and your employer demands explicit work. This might make you anxious and stressed out, especially when you aren’t able to achieve both standards.

To avoid this, you need to set aside time to relax your mind and body. Have a specific day where you are free from all the work and studies.

In this period, practice mindful meditation, go out with friends or have some rest at home. You can also create breaks between your study and work timetable. Here you can practice breathing exercises for relaxation or listen to soothing music.

housesitting Ile de France
As a housesitter you can combine education and work

Have a support system for both your education and work

Every human being needs encouragement and understanding from his or her family and close friends. It increases your well-being, helps you cope with the environment, and enables you to have a healthier life.

Update your family and friends that you’re changing your schedule to balance your studies and work. They will be of great help in supporting you throughout your journey.

It helps you reduce the stress that comes with pressure from both ends. Your friend can step in for you at work when you have to attend a class session. Your family can motivate you to do better by appreciating your efforts.

In conclusion

Part-time jobs boost your financial income, especially with the expensive living standards in schools. They are a great way to combine education and work.

Balancing your education and work will improve your workability skills and help you in future management. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to ensure you bring out the best in you. Use on the little time you have to increase your working experience while still prioritizing your studies and end up earning.

Author Bio:

Judy Nelson works for a SaaS startup that offers collaboration tools for remote education and work. Her role is to provide marketing collateral, PPTs and white papers to the management team. She’s a freelance writer and helps students with thesis and dissertations. In her free time, she plays tennis, visits her countryside farm and reads books on spirituality and religion.


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