Dog Minding Tips: Ensuring Wellbeing of Canine Companions

24 Jul, 2019

Dog Minding Tips: Ensuring Wellbeing of Canine Companions

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Dog minding the term focuses on caring for a pet dog or dogs on a temporary basis. You do this on behalf of the dog owner.

There are many other ways of describing dog minding as an activity. The term covers work and play related to dog sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, puppy sitting or dog pet minding. All these terms relate to the main function of caring for pet dogs in the owner’s absence.

Dog minding tips –  For your dog’s well being

Dog minding
Dog minding is caring for dogs in the owner’s absence

What is dog minding?

The term dog minding evokes a wide range of care services for pets or domesticated dogs. This includes daily dog walking, over night dog sitting, short term and long term dog minding options for the pets either in their own home, in the dog minder’s home or in a kennels.

The dog minding might take place during the day while the owner is at work, or when the owner has to travel away from home on holiday or for work assignments. Accessing dog minding services is getting easier thanks to the the internet.

There are many new access points introduced with the advent of the Sharing Economy, the Trust Economy and through paid service networks. HouseSitMatch is one such network in the sharing economy that offers access to checked live-in pet sitters who provide dog minding for free!

Young dogs often benefit from puppy sitting, and sometimes sick or infirm dogs need care in their own homes while the owners are out or away.

dog minding
Puppy sitting to keep them out of harm’s way

Who uses dog minding services?

Pet owners of single or multiple pet dogs often use dog minders to care for their pets when they are away. Sometimes the owners need to travel away from home for work or holidays and need to find a good arrangement for dog minding. There are paid and free options available online.

Traditional options like kennels or dog hotels, where the dog is taken to another premises dedicated to the function of caring for the dogs away from home, are generally available locally at a cost per night. Arrangements and prices for this form of dog minding vary by kennel company and the duration of the stay.

Today there are many kennel alternatives including online house sitting networks that offer free pet sitting by checked live-in pet lovers who give up their time in exchange for free accommodation. Such online variations offer a spectrum of dog care possibilities in the dog’s own home or in the home of the dog minder.

Dog minding
Dog minder with a pet in their care

Why does the type of dog care matter so much?

Dogs are intelligent animals. Some dogs in particular need stimulation and companionship.

Being left alone for long periods without a companion or minder can leave them anxious, bored and can cause some bad behaviour.

There are several factors to consider when planning pet care and especially the dog minding services you might need.

  • Breed of dog: It is important to consider the breed of dog and their daily needs. How much exercise do they need and do they enjoy engagement?
  • Age of dog: If the dog is really young or really old the likelihood is they will need regular companionship. They will need interaction and monitoring.
  • Companionship at home: Is the dog an only dog? Or are there other pets to help keep them interacting and stimulated?
  • Concerns about separation anxiety: Some dogs become anxious when they lose sight of their owner. This can be for even short periods of time. This can become a greater concern if the dog begins to perform fearful behaviour. Fearful behaviour includes barking relentlessly, pulling, biting and eating anything within their reach.

Some large dogs in particular are known to suffer from gastric torsion which can be fatal according to David the Dogman, dog trainer for 50 years.

dog minding
Most dogs need engagement and stimulation

If the owners are going away on holiday they might be using a dog sitter to mind the dogs and property. Keeping the dogs in the pet’s own home can be a good solution securing the pet in their familiar environment.

This will minimise any likely separation anxiety. Having a live-in sitter will also ensure a constant companion is present with the dog.

Dog sitting in the pet’s home

House sitting and pet sitting networks like offer direct access to registered checked live-in sitters who offer dog minding in the pet’s own home for free. The sitters pay for their own travel and up keep while minding your dog and other pets.

dog minding
Dalmations lots of exercise and like companionship

How does dog sitting work via the online network

All new members register and pay a modest annual membership fee to be part of the community. The network is managed by a team of administrators who oversee the ID checking of all members. They also manage the police checking of all sitters.

  • Home and pet owners build a profile describing their pets and property. They post adverts with their set dates for when dog or pet minding is needed at home.
  • House and pet sitters are sent the adverts once published and apply to be the sitter for the assignment.
  • The owner chooses which sitter applications to pursue, and ultimately who to appoint.

Dog walking as a dog minding paid activity

dog minding
Paid dog walking is a popular form of dog minding

One of the more popular forms of dog minding is dog walking. Dog walkers are usually paid for their services. They usually walk a number of dogs at the same time. Sometimes the dogs are collected and walked in a new location in a pack. This can be great for social dogs who like the company of other pet dogs.

If you are looking for checked live in dog minders to care for your pet dogs in their own home register on HouseSitMatch as a home owner and pet owner. Post a housesit advert for your travel dates and choose the best sitter to care for your pets at home.

If you want to be a dog minder and exchange your pet and dog care skills for free accommodation register as a house sitter on the network. We ID check you as part of your membership package and help you to build an awesome profile online.

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