Find local catsitters to cat sit for your pets

20 Sep, 2021

Find local catsitters to cat sit for your pets

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If you own or love cats you will know the challenge of finding local catsitters. The catsitters will come to cat sit or at least feed your pets when you are away from home. As a pet owner you know the responsibilities involved, in regular feeding and maintenance routines for pets like cats. While local pet sitters are one solution they may not be your ideal solution.

Read on to learn more about some of the latest solutions that might suit you better.

Are local catsitters the ideal pet sitters for you?

Cat sitting and cat sitters

local catsitters
Look for the best cat sitting solution for you and your pet

it is a very common practice for cat owners to go online and search locally for ‘cat sitters near me’. It is a habit many of us have fallen into with the rise of online search and Google and other internet search engines. But is that the best solution for you and your cats today? It’s worth considering the options.

Pet sitting for cats –

Do you need a professional pet sitting service or local catsitters

Choose a pet sitter service

Whether you are looking for a professional pet sitting service or a collaborative arrangement you have options.  Cats are popular pets, especially in cities. It can be expensive to have a professional pet sitter in your home simply minding the cat. It can be even more expensive to find a spot in a cat hotel when you go away.

Pet nanny or a pet sit – What kind of cat sitting is right for you and your cat?

If you have a single cat you may be used to asking a friend or relative to pop in and feed the cat and perhaps even change the cat litter periodically while you are away. However, if there are more involved requirements or perhaps multiple pets there may be more suitable alternatives.

Cat sitters and cat sitting – Have you considered the ideal pet sitter for your needs?

What is the ideal pet or cat sitter that you imagine? What qualities do they possess that would be useful on your catsit assignment? And what skills and experience would you look for in someone you have at home to look after you cats?

What to look for in a cat sitter for the cat sit

Here are some of the characteristics as a pet owner you need to look for in a cat sitter before you brief them on you cat sit. Finding care for your cats, with a cat sitter in their home means they are more relaxed in their own environment.

Here we offer some top tips on the sitter, pet sitting and housesitting websites.  Here’s what to look for in their advertisements :

  • A love of cats
  • Experience in cat minding
  • Knowledge of cat care
  • Not afraid of cats or touching cats
  • Happy to clean up after the cats and the cat litter tray
  • Not afraid to give a cat medication if needed
local catsitters
One advantage or looking beyond local catsitters is you can find expertise

Cat sitting tips

If you are thinking through the needs of your cat sit assignment, to write an ad, consider any tips for cat sitting you may have heard or read about. What kind of cat sit will you be asking a sitter to manage for you? Do you really need local catsitters? Do you have multiple pets?

How old are the pets and do they need special care for feeding? There are many elements of the assignment to be considered before advertising and briefing a sitters.

  • Finding local catsitters for in house pet sitting – Instead of searching for cheap cat sitters near me find live in cat sitters online. Having a live in cat sitter is a great convenience. It means you have someone who is resident to care for your kitty.
  • Cat sitters near me – The first search most people conduct – Most cat owners who start looking for sitters hop online to search for ‘cat sitters near me’. Entering those search words into an internet browser may well lead you to find listings for pet sitting agencies that offer professional cat sitters who charge by the day and sometimes by the task.
  • Free cat sitters for your cat sitting – You can also find free cat sitters through pet sitting and house sitting websites. They may be local catsitters or they may even come from far away at their own expense.
cat sitter
John is a pet and housesitter travelling with Bev his wife they are retired professionals who petsit around the world!
  • Free pet sitters who travel to your home and catsit for free – By using such networks of pet sitters and housesitters you can find excellent sitters who will travel to your home. They also pay their own way while they cat sit for you. And they wont charge you at the end of the cat sitting assignment either! The are free cat sitters.
  • In house pet sitting – It is worth considering such options because it can save huge sums of money over the year. for the cost of an annual membership you can access a wide range of cat sitters and pet sitters. They travel to your home and look after your property and pets for free in exchange for rent free accommodation.  It is a fair exchange of services that enables sitters to travel around the country and sometimes the world by pet sitting. They gather reviews along the way. And their reviews become the currency that enables them to go further afield if they want.
Live in cat sitters are a cattery alternative

Have you considered a live in cat sitter? And what about a free live in cat sitter? It can save you a lot of money by giving you an alternative to a cattery.

A final word on local catsitters and your ideal pet sitters

Before you commission your next local catsitters, think about all your options. As a pet owner you have many costs to cope with and decisions to make. There may be some alternatives that are more affordable and work better for you and your cats.


Join a professional service that offers access to help you find free checked live in pet sitters and housesitters, for a moderate annual fee. These pet sitters will help you keep pets at home safely and happy in their daily routine.


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