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Guidelines for a successful pet sitting

17 Dec, 2015

Guidelines for a successful pet sitting

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Pet sitting top tips

Are you looking for a pet sitting gig? Or are you expecting to be apart from your pet for quite some time? Jordan Walker, the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, shares how both employers and contractors can make the whole ordeal easy on each other.

People can be very attached to their pets. In fact, while some can’t afford to be away from their pets for extended periods of time, others go out of their way to hire pet sitters for when they’re not around. If you are looking for a pet sitter or are interested in becoming one, the following tips will help make things easier.

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Employers and pet owners

As the pet owner, it is important that you prepare well when hiring a pet sitter in the household. The tendency is that sometimes, we assume that other people would be just familiar with our place if we leave it in their care.
Unfortunately, these expectations can only ruin the relationship as nagging and confrontations would ensue. In order to avoid this, employers need to give adequate time for turnover of instructions. It isn’t enough to simply wait for the pet sitter to arrive and just leave the keys in their hands. They have to be familiar with the vital rooms, locations of related pet stuff, and also the do’s and dont’s in the household.

Also, it helps if you keep hazardous areas and products entirely off limits to make double sure this is a safe pet sitting. Securing the dryer, trash bins, cupboards and other areas will keep the responsibility of the sitter limited and will help avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Of course, choosing the right sitter is just as important as on-boarding one. So when recruiting one, be sure to choose someone who is experienced, especially if you have a pet that is regularly anxious or requires constant interaction.

You will also need to agree on the location before initiating the relationship. Usually, pet sitters are contracted to come to your home on a daily basis or to stay over and care for the pets in your home for the duration of your absence. However, there are also those that run daycare-like services wherein you drop off your pet and pick them up at specified intervals.

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As soon as the specifics of the pet sitting assignment have been decided upon, you should have full trust in your sitter. It won’t help if you contact them every now and then to check up. Leave your pet in their care and be sure you shared all necessary information to the sitter.

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Both beginner and experienced pet sitters need to prepare for the job because every household, every pet, and every owner are different. Hence, if you are an aspiring pet sitter, it would really help if you have extensive knowledge about the different pets and have prior experience related to the upcoming job.

If time permits, you should research everything that may concern the pet’s daily routine, their diet, and activity preferences. Whenever possible, ask questions, such as the location and contact number of the nearest veterinary office, pet store, important bus routes, and other pertinent information.
After all the vital information have been exchanged, it would also be good for your rapport if you ask the pet owner how often they want to be updated about their pet’s condition. Some don’t want to be updated at all, but there are also a few who have certain preferences, such as hourly updates or twice a day. By taking this initiative, they will see how proactive you are and how dedicated you are to the task.
Above all, pet sitters should innately love pets. Remember, your enthusiasm on the job shows in the way you handle pets and interact with them.


Pet sitting requires effort on the part of both pet owner and sitter. Although pet behavior varies from household to household, there are certain characteristics of pets that are common and pet sitters will understand this. If you are also aware of these, you can safely leave your pets with other people and not worry about ruining your relationship with them. Moreover, the pets often enjoy the stimulation of new people, it can make your relationship all the stronger.

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