Home remodelling to boost the value of your property

16 May, 2020

Home remodelling to boost the value of your property

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If as a homeowner you always planning your next investment property consider these ideas to remodel and renovate your current home. Investing time and energy now in some key areas can really boost the value of your property. Here are some suggestions:

Remodelling Ideas To Boost the Value of Your Property

remodelling your home
Home improvements make an attractive property a must have

When it is time to sell your old home and move up the property ladder, you want to sell your old home for as much as possible. Remodelling your home before you come to sell is an excellent way to boost your property’s value. However, selling the home for cash as is can also be an option. Read on and find the best remodelling idea that will let you sell family home for the maximum value before moving house.

Home remodelling: The kitchen

If you want to sell your house fast then you need to focus on upgrading the rooms people care about the most. This means that you need to ensure that your kitchen is as fitted with all the appliances its needs and that they are in good working order.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the kitchen must match the rest of your home. There is no point in paying for an ultra-modern kitchen if you live in a country cottage. Upgrading your kitchen is good but make sure you are taking the rest of your home into consideration when doing so.

Renovating your kitchen can improve the value of your home

Home remodelling: Add a bathroom

This is particularly important for homes that only feature one bathroom. Finding space to add another room can be challenging but remember that bathrooms do not have to be large. Try and think about the spaces that have been underutilised like closets that are never used. Adding a shower or a bath changes your space requirements dramatically so let your available space influence your decisions and do not try and force a huge bathroom into a house with no spare room.

If you have space add a bathroom

Make your Home more Energy Efficient

This is particularly important if you are trying to sell family home that is a little older. Adding energy-efficient touches like double-glazed windows and insulated walls will drive up the price of your home. Additionally, if you will not be moving house for some time then paying for a more energy-efficient home will save you money on your heating bills while you look for a potential buyer.

Home remodelling – Add a deck

An outdoor deck area can create much valued outdoor space

If you have the exterior space, adding a deck makes your house much more desirable to potential buyers. The cost of this addition can vary massively. However, the good news is that it can be one of the cheapest if you have the knowledge and time to construct it by yourself. Just make sure you know what you are doing before taking on a project like this. Since mistakes are more expensive than hiring a professional from the beginning.

Reinvent Existing Rooms

Some people try and add extra rooms to their homes but this is one of the most expensive projects that can be undertaken. It is much better to look at existing spaces and figure out if they can be converted into something better. For example, an attic will add a lot more value to your home if it is converted into another bedroom. The key here is creativity and trying to look at your house from a different perspective.



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