Home security technology to consider

25 May, 2022

Home security technology to consider

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Are you buying a new home? Or perhaps you are refurbishing a property where you hope to live. Then just as any new homeowner would need to remember to consider the latest options in home security technology. Read on to learn more about the options available to you today.

Top home security technology ideas to look for when buying a home

home electronics
Smart home electronics can be connected on one system for ease

Thinking about home security technology may not be as sexy as the décor or furniture when planning a new home. But it is crucial. According to the FBI, there were more than 1 million incidents of burglary reported in 2019. The victims suffered losses estimated at $3 billion. But burglars and intruders cause more than financial loss.

If you are a victim, you know how awful it feels. You probably felt violated, angry, and scared. 

Traditional home security ideas

Traditional home security strategies like guards, housesitters, alarms, and CCTV cameras can help deter break-ins. But burglars have become more sophisticated. There is a need to incorporate modern home security technologies in your home-buying decision.

Modern home security technologies allow homeowners to remotely and conveniently handle security functions, manage access, reduce contact, improve awareness of at-home events, and create perceptions of occupancy. Read on and learn about the top technologies to look for when buying your next home. But first, here’s a word on keeping secure. 

Prevention is always better

Most burglars are opportunist criminals. They look for opportunities when no one is at home or other vulnerabilities before making a move. By investing in a home security system, you will significantly reduce the chances of a break-in. The same approach also applies in a commercial setting.

However, since perpetrators of industrial espionage are more sophisticated, investing in robust access control components, such as commercial smart door locks, deters criminals. Look out for the following security technologies in your next home-buying venture. 

Smart locks and mobile-based security management systems

home security system
Ensure you have lockable doors

Traditional security strategies such as physical keys and manned entrance worked just fine in the last century. Improvements such as remote-controlled access and security cameras made it easier for homeowners to protect their space and review events. However, there was limited storage, and real-time review was not possible. Plus, remote devices did not solve the frustration of losing keys. 

Cloud based smart security systems

Cloud-based smart security management technologies have addressed these inadequacies and are transforming modern property security. They provide homeowners with better data storage and can be integrated with smartphone-based apps to enhance capabilities and offer more convenience.

It is less likely for a homeowner to lose a phone than a remote control device, and there is no need for physical credentials. Therefore, it is easier for both homeowners and security personnel to manage. 

For example, if you have a trusted house sitter, you can set up one credential that grants you access to spaces in your building that have restricted access. If you want to buy a condo, cloud-based security also allows seamless and convenient visitor check-in at the front desk. It’s an excellent way to ensure that only your house sitter enters your unit and not any unauthorized person. 

Low contact home security technology solutions

Apart from making us wary about how we interact, the pandemic made us think deeply about safety and wellbeing. The threat of disease transmission due to multiple contacts is ever-present, especially in multiple-unit buildings. Fortunately, low contact home security technologies provide an excellent solution. 

install cameras for privacy at hoe
An audio visual security kit piece video doorbell  can help you control access
What home security technology should you look for?

If you are deeply interested in home security technology look out for apartment buildings with keyless door entry systems activated by smartphones, automatic doors, gates, or both. You can take it a notch higher at your unit and set up a touchless door access control and remote management using smart locks.

Alternatively, you can install motion-detection technology systems that activate unlocking without requiring the homeowners to access the mobile app. 

Low contact home security technology solutions offer practical and hygienic means to access multiple unit homes. 

Video security and robust building access control systems

home security technology
Cameras are easy to install and monitor

Video cameras and access control systems have been around for a long time, and there is a good reason. They both significantly deter potential burglars and unauthorized intruders. 

Wherever you live you need security systems

Whether you live in a condo, an apartment complex, or landed property, versatile video security and access control systems will make you feel more secure. Thanks to modern tech improvements, CCTV, and access control are no longer what they used to be. Lapses such as impersonation are preventable by using technologies with face recognition capabilities.

Look out for homes with modern technologies like video security systems that validate that only authorized people can enter a complex or a unit. This way you’ll get the best of both human and machine protection.

Security sensors

When looking for a new home, don’t just be impressed by sensors that improve convenience. Ask where and what is the home security technology. Look out for detectors that boost safety and security. For example, ensure that there are sensors to detect faults like water leaks, smoke, electrical faults, and other security issues.

In particular you should look out for other sensors like open doors/windows, temperature, and sound detectors. They can help to boost your response. 

Smart blinds and lights

Although a home sitter would be better (they can help to tend your garden and take care of your pet while you are away), there are times when there will be no one at home. Fortunately, gadgets like smart blinds and lights can help keep your home secure.

They activate according to the position of the sun or your preferences. These technologies help to control the temperature and reduce energy consumption. But they can also create an impression that someone is at home when you are away. This also deters opportunist criminals from targeting your home. 

A final word on home security technology

Protection of your family and property should be a priority when buying a home. Thanks to technology, your home’s security is no longer a mysterious matter only handled by experts. The above technologies are affordable and available. They also boost the value of your home

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