House-sitter resume – 4 top tips to write a winning cv

7 May, 2021

House-sitter resume – 4 top tips to write a winning cv

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Have you been a house sitter in recent years? Perhaps you have found that you now need to change tack after the pandemic. Then it is time to prepare your house-sitter resume. Here are 4 top tips to writing a winning cv.

How To Write a House-Sitter Resume: 4 Tips

house-sitter resume
Be clear about your objective in building your profile

There are some jobs that are especially popular among college students who look to get some income while studying. And a house sitter is among them. Though you may think that a student doesn’t have time for such a job, the switch to virtual learning and the possibility to hire a professional online paper service to deal with homework, written assignments, in particular, make it possible for students to work and study at the same time.

The benefits of being a house sitter today are underrated. If you love to travel, house sitting helps you cut down accommodation costs. As a house sitter, you get a place to stay in a new town in exchange for watching the house and valuables while its owners are away.

Essay help when you are learning

There are paid house sitting jobs in which you get paid alongside a free place to stay. But, if you are going to get a paid house-sitting job, you need a professional resume. For this, you can get a college essay writing service to write a resume for you or create one yourself.

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If you opted for the latter, note that homeowners want to leave their properties for somebody with whom they can build a relationship. They want somebody friendly. That is why, it is essential to be on your A-game when applying for a house-sitting job. Smile as much as you can, don’t make any suspicious moves and show genuine interest in the homeowners and their life.

Why a House-Sitter Is Needed

Homeowners look for house sitters for different reasons. It could be because they need someone to look after their pets, which will require you to also have a pet sitter resume. You can check pet sitter profile examples online to know how to create yours. They may also need someone to keep the house fresh, water the plants, keep intruders out, etc. So before sending your application, ensure you know what the homeowners are looking for. Now, let’s review how to write an impressive house-sitter resume.

1.    Write a Great Profile Headline

The first thing that the homeowners will notice on your house-sitter resume is your headline. That is why it is necessary to write a catchy title on your profile. An excellent headline will spark interest, but a casual one may deter the homeowner from employing you. A superb headline must:

  • Provoke a deliberate thought in the homeowner’s mind
  • Solve a problem or multiple problems
  • State the benefits of employing you.

An example of a great headline is the following: ‘Pet-loving vegan skilled and ready to keep your home in order while you have fun abroad’.

2.    Make a Personalized Profile

Your profile has to describe you to the homeowner. Ensure that you don’t give information that you cannot back up if necessary. Also, don’t fake your identity; be completely honest as many homeowners will do background checks anyway before handing you the keys to their home.

These are the things that should be in your profile:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Why you want to house sit
  • Whether you are a solo sitter, coming with a spouse, or an entire family
  • Career
  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Any relevant house-sitting experience and complementary skills

While a detailed resume will help you get the job, don’t give too much personal information.

3.    Pick The Right Photos For Your Profile

The kind of picture you put on your house-sitter resume will go a long way in determining whether or not you will be allowed to house sit. You can’t put a sensitive photo on your profile and expect a homeowner to feel comfortable with you. They often want people with a friendly countenance.

Here is a guide on how to pick the right picture:

  • Use a picture of you smiling. A smile will make the employer feel relaxed. It is a simple and effective way to earn people’s trust and shows that you are a nice and friendly person.
  • Use a picture of you with animals. If the homeowner has pets, a picture of you with animals will make them feel like they can entrust their pets with you.
  • Use a picture of you with people. Homeowners need to know that you know how to get along with people. So you can start with using a picture of you around your friends or family.

4.    Include Several References

One of the first things homeowners are likely to look out for on your profile is your referees. You can get recommendations from previous employers or landlords. For platforms with a rating system, your rating by past homeowners will influence your chances of getting future employers. So ask employers politely to leave a good review after having worked with you.

Remember that homeowners do background checks, so don’t include phony referees. And of course at police and background checks are a standard part of the registration process, so that is worth remembering.


House sitting job doesn’t require a special certification. You can learn how to become a house sitter or use your natural housekeeping skills to become one. All you need to do is get a well-written resume that follows the tips above and points out the benefits of working with you. With the proper resume, you’re already halfway to landing that dream house-sitting job.

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