Housesitters help keep pets safe & save money

Housesitters help keep pets safe at home & save money!

23 Apr, 2016

Housesitters help keep pets safe at home & save money!

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People who have pets are often fearful leaving them to go on holiday or work trips.  I was after an unfortunate incident when my Spaniel lost his voice and nearly starved pining in a kennels. The idea of having Housesitters help care for pets in our home came later. We were much happier once we started asking for housesitters help to look after our pets keeping their routines, minimising any stress they might experience. Housesitting also saves money in many ways we discovered, that was an extra boost!

Housesitting reduces pet stress

Housesitters help minimise pet stress and anxiety

Most vets will agree that keeping pets in their own environment and sustaining their routines will minimise their stress when the key people in their lives disappear for periods of time. “Cats and dogs are creatures of habit – and if anything changes in their day-to-day routine, they can become quite stressed” says Vet Matthew Bayliss BVSc MRCVS, As pet owners we know what is important to our pets, and we can judge the best situation for our fur families but it is surprising how many animals suffer some form of separation anxiety.  Of course finding the right pet or house-sitters is important, so it is good to plan ahead to give yourself plenty of chance to find a great sitter who suits your needs.

Housesitters help save money on your holidays

Holidays often prove more expensive than one expects. One growing trend that could help you save money is housesitting. Tapping into this global trend could save money in several ways.

Do you have pets?

Globally pet owners spend $100 Billion spend on their pet families per year. If you have pets and regularly pay large sums of money to kennels, catteries or paid sitters then you’re part of that equation. With multiple pets and urban settings your pet care costs can easily multiply into telephone numbers each year.

Now you can save money by securing experienced housesitters to stay when them when you go away. Travel with peace of mind knowing an experienced house or pet-sitter is at home caring for your fur family in their own home for free! Yes honestly, they don’t charge. By joining a managed housesitting network for a nominal sum (annual membership can start as low as £35) you can find suitable house-sitters to care for your pets, property and garden can be for free in exchange for accommodation and you cut out the kennel fees altogether.

Top tip – Always check your housesitters come from a trusted source with pubic reviews from an independent review company like Trustpilot (link to

The housesitters that belong to such networks are often retired or semi-retired active travellers wanting to experience new places or see different parts of the world on a budget. They can also be younger digital nomads traveling the world taking their work with them.

Membership registration set at a nominal amount per year will tap into a network of experienced and reliable sitters. Or if you have regular sitters the membership can be an insurance policy in case your regular sitter is busy.

Top tip – Choose a managed housesitting network where reviews are visible and you see a good range of reviews to indicate authenticity. Make sure your contact details are hidden until you reveal them to your chosen sitter and check that the review system can be trusted to offer real reviews between matched sitters and owners.

Housesitters help care for your holiday home
Do you have a holiday home?

Do you have a holiday home?

It is easier to manage holiday homes or your main property by using housesitters to care for one or other when you are not there. Securing housesitters can make having a holiday home easier to manage with the housesitters caring for the property on site in your stead keeping the property secure.

Top tip – draw up a housesitting agreement that enables you to explain and agree responsibilities between you from pet to home care; it is important to make time to ensure that all responsibilities are clear.

Housesitters help with pets
Housesitters can help save significant kennel fees with multiple pets

Home insurance can be helped by having housesitters help

If you are travelling away from home for more than one month, and your home is empty for longer than four weeks at a time your insurance may not be valid should the unthinkable happen and you need to make a claim on your home insurance.. This is an important point to check with your insurer.  Insurance companies usually prefer the property to be occupied because it cuts the chances of an intrusion, break in and theft or damage to your property dramatically.  Housesitters can help.

Top tip – Check with your insurer that your insurance is still valid if your main or second property is empty for long periods.

To Register as a Home owner – Follow this link

To Register as a Housesitter – Follow this link

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