How a new kitten adapts to a new home

6 Apr, 2022

How a new kitten adapts to a new home

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As experienced pet owners know, most cats have a hard time adapting to changing circumstances. It is especially difficult for them to get used to someone else’s environment. A new and foreign space is alien to them. This . This sense of estrangement is multiplied for a new kitten. First of all, very small kittens newly separated from their mothers are naturally fearful.

However, there are some guidelines that will help you settle the new kitten into your home. Then they can quickly get used to the house and their new family and begin to love their new situation.

Do you know how a new kitten adapts to a new home?

new kitten
A kitten should stay with its mother for a while before they are separated

In this article, we have tried to collect the most important information for for the benefit of anyone with a new kitten at home.  

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A kitten’s first days and weeks

If you are considering getting a pet and choose a cat, then read on. Don’t rush to bringing the kitten home straight away, let the young kitten stay with the mother cat to benefit from her milk and nurturing early on.

Breeders recommend separating kittens from their mother at 12-16 weeks, when they can eat solid food. By this stage they’ll be eating dry and wet food, on their own. However, if you take a pet less than 2 months, then they can suffer stress, and this may affect their health.

In addition, mother’s milk supports the kitten’s immunity. At 3-4 months of age, the pet is already able to be independent and eat liquid feed. But still, it is worth carefully monitoring the animal and giving it a lot of care during this time.

Research your new kitten before bringing them home

Before you get a pet, you should research the details and complexities of this type of animal in your home. Fortunately, there is a lot of information and many expert blogs easily accessible online on how to care for cats.

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Cat transportation

It is worth paying special attention to the transportation of your new pet. It is better to transport a kitten in a dedicated carrier. Prepare the carrier by adding a favourite cat toy or a mother-scented blanket. This way your new kitten will feel more at ease and less worried by sudden noises and movements when travelling to their new home.

cat lovers
Some new kittens can be tremendous fun to care for

Settling in period

The first time in a new home, the kitten is bound to experience fear and anxiety. So it is important to avoid additional stressful situations. Don’t speak too loudly, play loud music or make sudden movements.

This is especially true for families with children of all ages. A small child can run or play with a kitten and inadvertently scare the pet. Before bringing the pet into your home, calmly explain to the children that the kitten must not be touched for the first week.

Introducing the new kitten to her home

When you arrive home with your new pet, calmly release the kitten near their bed. Do not create unnecessary sounds or movements. Let the pet walk around your home, let them sniff everything and get acquainted with the space and smells.

Often the new kitten immediately runs a hiding space like under the sofa. This is a normal reaction to a change of situation. No need to try to get him out of there, on the contrary, the less you touch them, the faster they will relax and adapt.

Safety precautions for your new kitten

Before you bring a kitten home, you need to prepare your home. Remove all wires and sharp objects from open access. Also, close sockets, windows and put grids on apartment windows to prevent accidents. While a kitten is small in size, they will climb into all sorts of dangerous places through sheer curiosity.

If you already have a cat or dog living in your home, then you should not immediately introduce them. Remember, first a new pet must get used to the new environment. Only after that to people and other pets. At first, contact with other pets should be kept to a minimum. 

For two days you can keep other pets in different rooms. If they behave aggressively when meeting, do not worry. Over time, they will get used to each other.

Feeding and care of a new kitten

As for nutrition for the new kitten, ask the breeder what pet food to start with and at what stage to progress to the next type. New foods or homemade foods should be introduced gradually. Also, from the first days of their life in the apartment, it is necessary to show the kitten that it is not right to take food from the table.

They have their own bowls from which they can eat and drink. In addition, you can not overfeed the kitten. It will harm them. Plan your pet’s diet and number of meals in advance. Give food at fixed times and never overfeed.

What do you need to buy for a kitten?

Buying kitten food is not enough. You will need many more things to keep your pet at home. By the time you bring a your kitten home, you should have the following accessories ready:

  • tray and filler;
  • 2-3 bowls for food and water;
  • kitten food;
  • house or bed;
  • several types of toys;
  • scratching post;
  • first aid kit;
  • diapers;
  • shampoo.

Find a catsitter for your new kitten

You might need to ask someone to watch your cat or new kitten for you or better still find a catsitter who will move in and care for home and pets together. Using a cattery, is usually expensive and it doesn’t suit all cats. You might live in a place where there are a lot of professional pet sitters. Learn more about things a good catsitter should have.

New kitten Chloe hiding from the catsitter

Try a housesitting and petsitting network like

Alternatively, you could try having a catsitter come to your home to care for pets for free. Try

Housesitmatch is an online network for housesitting and petsitting, offering checked petsitters and housesitters who will come to your home and care for your pets in exchange for free accommodation and a review. No money changes hands.

They pay attention to details 

A good catsitter should pay attention to all the little things. Does your cat need special care or medicine while you’re away? Make sure that you both understand what to do. Ensure the catsitter cares enough about details to ensure the steps are done right.

If your cat must get its medicine every day at 2 p.m., see if the person doesn’t care about the details or if they seem interested and worried. That is a good place to start.

A new kitten knows nothing – It takes time to learn

A new kitten is like a baby that needs attention and care. Therefore, if you decide to get a cat, then get ready to spend a lot of time with them for the first month. Take time to play and take care of them. Especially get different toys, because your new friend loves to run and play with toys.

Never punish a kitten for hyperactivity. Give him what he wants, feed him delicious food, play with him, and most importantly, love him. Then the adaptation period will pass quickly and painlessly. And the kitten will easily get used to and love his new family!


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