How to pick the right chainsaw for home use

21 Jan, 2021

How to pick the right chainsaw for home use

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If you own property and enjoy construction projects at home you may already have a serious DIY kit. As a homeowner who enjoys cutting their own wood as fuel for your fires or wood burning stove you may already have an axe or saw of some kind. A chainsaw can cut time and effort in cutting wood. Here is how to choose the right chainsaw for your use at home.

How to Pick The Right Chainsaw For You

A chainsaw can help you save time and effort

There are many reasons for owning a chainsaw. Whether you need a tool like this for your professional work or for projects at home, read on. In this article we try to offer some pointers on how to define your needs and choose the right tool to help you. 

For example, overgrown trees can pose a danger to people and can also destroy property. Such trees can also affect the appearance of your home, so they should be pruned regularly. 

Instead of hiring an arborist to prune your trees, you can invest in a chainsaw or specifically try using a track saw of some kind. There are different types of chainsaws available on the market, so you need to consider various factors to choose the right tool that suits your needs. 

Read on to learn how to pick the right chainsaw for you. 

Define Your Needs

First and foremost, you must clearly define your needs before you buy a chainsaw. You must define your intended purpose of the chainsaw first. You may need it for home or professional use, so you should also consider the frequency you might use it. If you are using them to prune trees, then you also need to consider the type of trees that you will be trimming to determine the right size you can get. 

Design and ease of use

Chainsaws come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Some are lightweight while others are heavy-duty machines that are suitable for commercial purposes. Some chainsaws consist of an automatic tensioning system that is easy to adjust to enhance ease of use. You do not need additional tools to access internal components. Cordless chainsaws are ideal for smaller tasks and are easy to operate. 

Choosing a chainsaw for power

There are mainly three different types of chainsaws that include gas, pole, and electric. You can choose a saw that suits your needs. For instance, cordless electric chainsaws run on rechargeable batteries and are appropriate for home use. You need to select the best cordless chainsaw that exceeds the standard performance of other traditional gas-powered equipment. The advantage of battery-powered saws is that they are efficient, and they have a longer runtime. These tools also have fast charging systems, and they are suitable for small branches. 

Additionally, cordless chainsaws are lightweight, exhaust-free, and they are quieter than gas-powered tools. Cordless saws are easy to maintain, and they are more portable than corded saws. As technology continues to evolve, more electric saws will be developed to handle hard work. 


If you choose an electric chainsaw, you must consider its runtime with a single power pack charge. A saw that gives you a longer run time is convenient since most gadgets come with one pack of batteries, and they often take hours to recharge. The same applies to saws that use gas. You need to check the saw’s consumption rate of gas before you buy it. The best saw should balance cutting speed, good performance, runtime, and efficient use of power. 

Safety features of your chainsaw

When dealing with chainsaws, you must prioritize your safety since these tools are dangerous. Check if the saw has safety features that help to protect the user. For example, electric saws use on and off buttons, and they can automatically switch off when they encounter operational problems. Other tools have warning and alert features that indicate trouble or malfunctions.  


You need to consider the price of the chainsaw before you purchase one. Several factors determine the cost of chainsaws like brand, features, power, and others. Therefore, you must set a realistic budget that can help you get a gadget with features that suit your needs. On top of that, you need to check if the chainsaw comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty helps to protect the buyers in case the chainsaw malfunctions not long after purchase. In such a case, you can request a replacement for the defective device.  

Chainsaw oiling systems

Your chainsaw should be oiled to improve its efficiency when performing different tasks. Other electric chainsaws come with translucent windows that enable you to check the oil level in the tank. You should never use this tool when it does not have sufficient oil since you can damage it. You also need to check if the oil tank is easy to fill for your convenience. 

Balance and handles

You must get a chainsaw that gives you a balanced feel in your hands. The saw must cut straight without causing vibrations that can throw you off the balance if you are in a precarious position. Heavy-duty saws require more effort to carry and use safely. Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous, so you also need to consider tools with thicker handles that give you a firm and comfortable grip. Rubber handles are ideal since they provide extra padding. 

Choose the right tool for your main purpose

Investing in a chainsaw is a good idea if you want to maintain the trees around your property well pruned. However, there are different things that you need to consider if you want to buy this kind of equipment. You must determine how you would like to use the saw and consider other factors like design and power source. Other features to consider include runtime, safety, price, and oiling system.   

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