How to properly train a dog

1 Dec, 2022

How to properly train a dog

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If you are a pet owner you know that some pets really benefit from some basic training especially if they live in the home. If you are dog owner you know that this is essential. So read on to learn how to properly train a dog with our top tips by experts and learn some dog training tips for beginners.

How to properly train a dog: Useful tips from the experts

how to properly train a dog
Games are a great way to refine command skills. This is one of the strategies in how to properly train a dog

Would you like your dog to always be happy and well-behaved? Make sure you give your pet proper training and make the animal-human relationship even stronger. Here are some useful tips on how to properly train a dog! 

Where to start – How to train a dog effectively

  • Timely training – Each dog owner wonders how to train their pet, and this is important since one of your dog’s essential characteristics should be proper training. Always keep in mind that a happy dog is a well-trained dog. A well-behaved dog is accepted anywhere and may interact with people and other animals in a safe and, should we say, decent manner. However, it is crucial to begin your dog’s training early on.
  • Autonomous training – The possibility of autonomous training, meaning you as the owner may teach your dog many things, is unquestionably a benefit. However, if you want to learn how to properly train a dog consider thorough and competent instruction. In this case you may let a professional handle the dog’s training. You can achieve this by finding considering dog training online, look for the best online dog trainers and hiring them to train your dog. Basic dog training and learning how to train a dog at home involves teaching your dog the fundamentals of good manners, such as leash walking and using the correct bathroom area, as well as frequent instructions like no, sit, wait, lay, fetch, etc.

These are top tips for how to properly train a dog.

Pick a training site

Consider carefully where would be the greatest area to begin teaching your dog since if they become used to fulfilling their physiological demands there, it’s difficult to convince them to change. For example, the best location in your yard to pick is one that is close to the door you will use to let your pet out.

how to properly train a dog
A core principle in how to properly train a dog is to start training when your dog is a puppy

Plan your training schedule

Get into the routine of bringing your pet to the training location at the same time every day. It is advised that you give your pet periodic bowel breaks throughout the day, starting around 40 minutes after their last meal.

  • When training, use a command phrase – Pick a phrase that you may use as a command when you want your pet to do something. It is one of the best dog training techniques. This will make it easier for the dog to connect the command with the task at hand. These orders can assist your pet in adjusting its behavior to the new situations it encounters as it gets older and you start taking it to parks, going on vacation with it, or visiting people’s homes. You are free to use any expressions throughout training, but remember to always be consistent in using certain commands for certain actions! It is part of learning how to train your dog to behave.
  • Make a training strategy – When learning how to properly train a dog make a strategy for teaching the dog each command. Also, stick to the principle: one at a time. Move on to the next command after the dog has learned the first, and so forth. Start with the easiest instructions, like sit, wait, etc., then work your way up to more challenging ones. Crucially, if the dog does not understand what you are asking of it right away, do not lose your temper. Pause, then try again—possibly in a different way. Importantly, never hit or shout at the dog. Be patient and understanding. 
  • Reward your dog – Don’t overlook a crucial component, namely a reward in the form of a treat or praise. Dog training should always include a reward, and the reward should come right away after the command is carried out. Otherwise, the dog won’t make the connection between a well-executed command and praise or a reward.

A final word on how to properly train a dog as an owner or a trusted petsitter

We’ve gone over some of the fundamentals of teaching your pet basic commands. Hopefully, you find this advice helpful in how to properly train a dog whether you are the dog’s owner or a trusted petsitter!


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