Improve privacy at home – Here’s how

28 May, 2021

Improve privacy at home – Here’s how

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Wherever we live most of us like to have some privacy at home. But as many of us live in more urban landscapes with close neighbours, privacy isn’t so easy these days. Here are some ideas for homeowners on how to secure home privacy no matter how crowded your neighbourhood.

Increase the privacy at home with these great tips

curtains help you maintain privacy at home
Curtains are an excellent way to prevent viewing in by passers by

Photo by Alban Grellier

If anything makes a home different from an apartment or a duplex, it is the element of privacy. Privacy brings with it a sense of a cloistered, safe space of our own. Despite neighbours nearby, the creation of a private space can give you a sense of greater ease.

Single homes come with the added privacy feature. This feature needs to be preserved and maintained for the benefit of residents. If you have prying neighbours and nosy passers by, you might want to increase up by taking proactive measures.

Before we discuss some of the most effective ways of improving privacy at home, let’s understand privacy and what it means.

Importance of privacy

Privacy holds great importance in the court of law. In individual capacity, every individual deserves the right to keep their activities private and avoid disclosing them to the general public. Anybody who violates privacy can be deemed as being disrespectful to the individual for invading their privacy.

While the common rules of invasion of privacy might not be as relevant in this scenario, it is totally understandable that maintaining the privacy of their home is also a significant right of an individual.

A single detached home is built with the primary goal of securing privacy for the residents. So what’s the point of living in such a house if their primary aspect is not secure. Read on to learn the simplest ways to increase our home privacy to ensure that we are satisfied with our choice of inhabiting a single home.

Simple ways to increase the privacy of your house

Increasing your home’s privacy might seem to be such a dull activity to perform. It’s important to note that this assumption is blatantly wrong. While the activity might sound boring on paper, the thrill and adventure it will bring during its installation(s) will surely prove otherwise.

  • Introduce Blinds, Curtains, and Shutters

When talking about privacy, you can cover up any visible outlets to block outsiders looking in. This is where the installation of blinds or curtains comes in handy.

Choosing between blinds or curtains purely depends upon style. However, if you’re still confused about making a suitable choice, you can visit a reliable source here to make an educated fashion decision. The variety of options will help you understand your situation and make an informed decision to avoid later regret.

Considering privacy panels or wrought iron fences also add more privacy to your home, having these installed will add value to your home.

  • Update Your Windows

The windows of a house are considered to be one of its defining components. The earlier solution of installing curtains/blinds might help with windows. However, some exotic window designs can be difficult to cover with the help of curtains.

Such designs might bring extra detail to your house during the day. However, the wide view of the inside of your house can make you feel exposed and vulnerable.

Now the first thought that comes into mind when updating your windows is to plan for a major renovation. Since this might not be a practical option, you might want to enhance the features of your existing windows. Try putting up layers of glazing, frosting, or tinting to allow light to enter yet blocking visibility to the outside world.

install cameras for privacy at hoe
An audio visual door bell can help you control access and privacy at home
  • Install Security Cameras 

The installation of security cameras might not bring a direct enhancement to your privacy situation. However, it can be a reason for people to stay away from when their presence around your house can be deemed unnecessary.

With the advantage of recording footage and revisiting it later, you can monitor and control your privacy at home even away.

tall sided garden around a house
Use your garden to control privacy at home and around your property

Photo by Maria Orlova

Privacy at home – Backyard ideas

Most people use their backyard or garden as a space on the property to collect themselves and relax. However, with increased population and diminishing concept of space, backyard privacy is being affected significantly.

  • Hedges

Adopt small tools and tricks to improve privacy at home, even if space is limited. For example install a fast-growing private hedge. It works simply to block outsider views of the kitchen or other backyard areas.

  • Fences and Walls

Imagine you install a kids’ pool, or place patios in your backyard. By installing a normal-sized board fence you’ll create a clear division between your backyard and the other side. It is an easy way to avoid any unwanted exposure.

A final word on securing privacy at home

To sum it all up, it is important and not hard to implement ways to improve privacy at home. By using even a few of the ideas mentioned above, you will notice a significant improvement in hy our privacy. You’ll feel more relaxed in your daily routine. Secure a peace of mind knowing you have veiled access to your home. Create a steady calm to your routine.


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