The Affordable Alternative to Dog Kennels

25 May, 2018

The Affordable Alternative to Dog Kennels

Ever thought there might be a safe and good value alternative to dog kennels? Consider having a checked live-in house sitter, many are very experienced with dogs and cats, and will pet sit for you as an exchange of services for free accommodation. that combination of house sitter and pet sitter is ideal. Here’s how and why…

Kennel alternative – worth a consideration

Kennel alternative
Some pets are just happier at home

Plan pet care while planning your holiday

Some of us go spend a lot of time planning our annual holidays, taking our pre-trip research to great lengths to make sure we get the best value deal, for the ultimate relaxing holiday and rest to make the most of our weeks away. But what of our home and more over our pet care arrangements? How much time do we take to plan for the dog sitter or the catsitter? Surely to get real peace of mind and a sense of calm relaxation while on holiday we should give them as much fore thought as our trip.

Pets especially need some detailed thought and planning. Dogs present a range of possible issues, when parted from their owners and families. Removing them to a different location can create additional separation anxiety. Some breeds prefer to stick with their pack. So there is a particular need for them to become familiar with whomever is to look after them. That is the great advantage of having dogsitters come to your home ahead of your trip. It is worth considering dog sitters as a serious alternative to dog kennels.

Consider the options especially kennel alternatives

dogsitters as kennel alternative for puppies
Young pets need constant reassurance
kennel alternative catsitter
Mature pets love extra love and attention







It is worth considering the range of options that exist today, you will find an alternative to kennels. Whether your pet is a young puppy, a mature cat set in their ways or slightly disabled through old age a live in housesitter or petsitter can make the difference between a healthy happy pet on your return from holiday or a withdrawn mournful pet who has missed you.

It happened to us with both our Cocker Spaniel and our Siamese cat. We went on holiday for three weeks, and left them in kennels. The dog had lost his voice, he was emaciated and not happy in our absence. The cat also lost weight and became detached for some time after our return. It is a worry, however and wherever you leave your animals. We resolved that having a live in pet sitter that was checked caring for them in situ, in their own home, was absolutely the best way to manage our holiday pet sitting care.

The following are generally considered the most popular options for pet care:

  • Live-in checked housesitters – free
  • Professional petsitters – cost depends on the numbers and type of pets
  • Kennelling – price is usually calculated by pet type, and duration of stay
  • Friendly neighbours or friends – relies on your friendship

Benefits of live-in checked housesitters – Alternative to dog kennels

Finding live-in checked house sitters who are happy to care for your home and pets while you are away  can be a great relief. At we ID and Police check all the house sitters, and after each house sit assignment you are asked to write a review. So their reputation is visible against their profile, and there is a record of every housesit. This arrangement is a great kennel alternative arrangement.

kennel alternative
Pets relaxing at home
Dog sitter
Maintaining daily routines is important







Other benefits to consider of having live-in checked housesitters as a kennel alternative include:

  • Pet well-being – we all want a long and happy life for our animals
  • Price of pet care – we all need to consider the cost of pet care, it can multiply the cost of a holiday
  • Security – another major advantage is you have someone ensuring your home is occupied and protected against opportunist burglars.


Kennel alternative

Most pets love company

Above all we think the pets love the companionship of having live in petsitters. It’s the ultimate pet care arrangement. They play with them and give them lots of attention while you are away. It’s a great recipe for a happy pet and a kennel alternative!


Start your housesitting adventure today. Or to find your alternative to dog kennels, a house and petsitting solution register with HouseSitMatch:

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