Long Term Housesitters in France with Horses

23 May, 2022

Long Term Housesitters in France with Horses

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In July 2014 a new client registered with us wanting some help with a rather specific brief. They wanted long term housesitters to help them in France. Never wanting to turn down a challenge we said yes, and then we asked what she needed! Her requirement was to find a couple of long term housesitters who are experienced with horses, and were ready to move to Normandy in Northern France, within the month.

And here’s the story of the couple of long term house sitters who were lucky enough to secure this house-sit in France with horses.

Long Term Housesitters

long term housesitters
Leading the horses in

Vladimir and Zuzanna come from Slovakia, where Vladimir worked on a horse farm and Zuzanna was completing her degree.

We saw an advert online for long term housesitters in France

They saw the advertisement for long-term housesitters with horses advertisement online and decided this was just the opportunity for them to travel in Europe in an affordable way, doing something that they both loved, working with horses.

They asked some questions about the responsibilities of a house sitter and then decided that yes, this was for them. It was important that they understood what is a housesit so I spent a little time explaining the main requirements and options.

Here’s Their House-sitting Story

We spent a lovely time here from August 2014 to June 2015. Sandra and David are very kind and friendly people. We were recruited as long term housesitters mainly to care for the horses. However, there were dogs so some dogsitting was needed too.

Our job is mainly to help with the horses with the stables and their horses. Some of the horses are warmblood dressage horses. We had to care for a Totilas foal for example.

Our daily work included leading the horses to the fields, feeding them, mucking out, rugging, watering, and cleaning stables. The foal had a special diet and needed extra care and attention.

Feeding Totilas' Foal
Feeding Totilas’ Foal

With the foal we had to be very gentle and particular about her care. It was important to change the appropriate rugs depending on the different weather conditions. We had to feed her with special milk every two hours. Everything had to be kept very clean and disinfected. Sometimes we washed the horses in hot water and special shampoo.

The foal needed special attention
The foal needed special attention

Feeding and Grooming

We also had to prepare the haylage, wash the horses and do some maintenance work on the farm.

Preparing haylage
Preparing haylage
Daily grooming of the horses
Daily grooming of the horses
Personal grooming
Personal grooming

Other house sitter duties

Apart from the horses and the pet-sitting there were many other duties on the farm and the stables as the long term housesitters.

Chopping wood
Chopping wood
long term house sitters
Dog-sitting and Cat-sitting while Sandra and David are away

Usually, we worked 4 hours a day for 4 days each week with extra paid work when we were available. As long-term housesitters we were given one week off in 5 which meant we could travel a lot which was terrific. Sandra and David would also take one week off in 5 so they could take a break to attend events or visit family in Britain.

During our house-sitting week we took care of the house, the dogs and cats. When we had free week or days we used to travel around Normandy and Brittany. There was so much to see and do. It was a real exploration it hardly seemed like work at all.

Time off to discover France

Of course we had to visit Paris
Of course we had to visit Paris

There are so many beautiful towns, beaches and scenery in the forest that we never ran out of ideas, and we did develop some favourite places. We love Mont St Michel, St Malo and Granville.

We loved Mont St Michel
We loved Mont St Michel

Final thoughts on being long term housesitters

We really enjoyed our time as long term housesitters in France. And we loved our location. The surrounding area is very tranquil, lush and green. The people here are very friendly.

We were really happy to stay here for the whole year housesitting in France. It meant we could travel at a pace we could afford, and we could spend a long enough period in one region to really appreciate it. This is a landscape which we love. And of course, the food was really European and reminded us of home.

Best of all, the horses were fantastic, we both love working and spending time with horses. They are beautiful and hot blooded so they are lively and very playful so it was very interesting and fun as a job. We loved our time as long term housesitters in France.

By Vladimir and Zuzanna  

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  1. France is a BIG country!

    Sp, putting up those willing to do house-sitting in all of France makes it very difficult for me, tucked away in a remote place in the southwest of France, to find one that is suitable.

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    I wouldn’t, were I you …

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