Pest problem? Top tips and solutions

17 Jan, 2022

Pest problem? Top tips and solutions

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Every homeowner and pet owner fears the appearance of pests in the home. Different pests are drawn into a home in different ways. Pets can be a particular draw. In this blog we offer some top tips on how to rid your home and pets of pests and manage the right solution.

Tips for Solving a Pest Problem

pest problem
Fleas are common pests that follow domestic pets around

Discovering pests in your home can be a stressful time for anyone. Not only can they cause damage to your property, but they can also place you, your loved ones and your pets at risk! So we’ve put together our tips for getting rid of pests to assist you in these distressing times.

Pests are dangerous creatures who will chew their way through anything they can find, whether that’s your food containers, furniture, or even your walls. Failure to promptly remove them can result in structural damages with a hefty price tag for the required repair jobs.

It’s not only your property that will suffer! Pests carry with them a range of bacteria and diseases that can cause potentially life-threatening illnesses affecting both humans and animals.

So, you’ve found signs of pests in your home. Maybe you’ve noticed rodent droppings in your cupboards, a scratching noise has begun during the night, or perhaps you’ve seen them with your own eyes…

Ideally, your next step is to get rid of them. But, unfortunately, both rodents and insect pests can reproduce rapidly. This fact, combined with the damage they can cause, means time is of the essence when it comes to removing pests.

Identify the Pest

Before you can begin to tackle the problem, you must first identify the pest causing you problems. Luckily for you, pests leave signs of their presence wherever they go.

Look out for droppings in the quieter, hard to reach areas of your home. The size, shape and colour of the droppings can help you quickly identify the type of pest that has made itself at home in your house. A simple search online can assist you in determining which pests poop is which.

Different pests leave behind distinct clues. Rodents, for example, need to grind down their front teeth. To do so, they will leave bite marks on your furniture, your skirting boards, cupboards, food packaging, wooden beams etc. So keep an eye out for these tiny teeth marks as a telltale sign of rodents in your home.

Insect pests also have different signals. Take bedbugs as an example; the most obvious sign of a bedbug infestation are the often painful bites they will leave on your skin.

Whereas mysterious holes appearing in your clothing or soft furnishings are apparent signs of a clothes moth problem.  An anti moth spray can remove all your moth troubles.

pest problem
Moths can cause serious damage to your home interiors

Pest Control Products

Once you have correctly identified the pest causing you problems, you can then find the most appropriate control method and products.

Professional pest control suppliers, like, offer highly effective control products in various formats for all types of pests, meaning you can find the most appropriate product for you, guaranteed to rid you of your pest problem.

When purchasing pest control products, make sure you use a licensed supplier selling products that are safe to use in the home.

Deciding on the most appropriate control method can be challenging as the market is saturated. But consider your circumstances – do you have small children or pets to worry about? If so, we recommend avoiding poisons in the home as it could be fatal if they were to come into contact.

Pest Control Services

If you decide to hire a professional pest control service, then make sure they’re experienced in the type of pest problem you have.

They should provide you with a full list of their qualifications and be able to demonstrate proof of insurance. For instance, if your problem is termites, look for companies that specialize in termite control since this requires a separate set of skills and equipment.

On the other hand for a more general pest problem, such as ants or cockroaches, then look for a company that offers treatments for several types of pests. A professional service will use specific products, as well as identify the source of the problem to ensure they’ve dealt with it properly and prevented any future infestations.

It’s also important to remember that not all pest control services are equal. Performing your own research can help you identify which pest control service is best for your individual needs. Ask questions, read reviews, and get advice from family or friends when selecting a company to provide pest removal services.

Natural Alternatives

If you’re nervous about using chemicals in the home, there are some natural alternatives out there. However, it is worth bearing in mind that they may not be as effective as professional-grade products.

For example, rats have a natural aversion to the smell of peppermint. Therefore, many find that using either fresh peppermint or an essential oil placed onto cotton wool balls around the home, to be a great natural alternative for ridding the home of rats.

Pepper is also a good option for several pests; try sprinkling it around areas of the home you know to be affected and watch them flee.

Proofing Measures

Unfortunately, getting rid of the pests is only the first half of the battle. Once your home is pest-free, it’s essential to pest-proof your home to ensure they cannot return.

Pests will enter your home via whatever tiny gap they can find. Once the pests have been removed from your property, we suggest you take a good look around, checking the interior and exterior for any such holes.

Once you’ve found the entry points, they need sealing. However, before you reach for the regular sealant, it’s important to remember that rodents will chew their way in! So instead, opt for metal-based materials that rats and mice won’t be able to chew through.

Final thoughts on managing a pest problem

Ensure you keep your home clean and tidy and store food away correctly. Hoover regularly to prevent insect infestations and try to keep your home dry, as moisture in the air can attract insects.

Put all these steps together, and you should be able to solve your pest problem without the help of a pest control professional. However, if the problem is particularly bad, or you’re unable to rid your home of them entirely, then it’s ok to admit defeat and call a pest controller – it is their job, after all!



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