Planning a home renovation – Here are some top tips

31 May, 2021

Planning a home renovation – Here are some top tips

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Every homeowner has taken on a  redecorating project from time to time. Some decorating projects become larger more expensive renovation projects.  Planning a home renovation really should involve doing some research and creating a budget. Successful projects tend to have those elements. Read on to learn how best to prepare and plan your project.

Planning a home renovation? Take some advice

planning a home renovation
Redecorating can be quite disruptive. It helps to make a plan.

So, you have inherited the parental house and you’re looking to change a few things. Or perhaps you’ve bought an old house and are planning a home renovation. Maybe you’re finally decided to freshen up the property a little bit or you’re timid of the worn-out installations, structures, and layouts?

Whatever your motive and life situation, one thing is sure – your home needs remodelling. But to call it a successful one at the end of the bumpy road, you need these pieces of advice. It will be easier, less turbulent, and maybe even a pleasant endeavour.

But first – Do make a plan

Before you decide to what extent you’ll renovate, you need to take a few steps. Ideate, project that idea onto the paper, and then you can clearly imagine your home as it will be. You can plan what rooms and parts of the home you’re going to renovate and in which order.

Consider if you are going to have a renovation-free area to live in away from noise, and dust. You will also need keep small children and pets safe and away from the works. Another idea is that you consider renting a locker for storage. It could be a place to keep all your belongings secure and clean. 

This is especially important if you’re doing a whole-home remodel, etc.

If you are planning a major exercise like renovating your floors consider epoxy designs and then plan around all the materials, the laying times and the waiting times. They can be wonderful, unique and rewarding. However, they will be a significant part of your renovation so prepare.

At this stage, you can also look ahead and actually take advantage of renovating some rooms. Consider adding insulation to the walls. Upgrade the electrical system and fixtures or add additional lights.

Plan the Budget

If you are planning a home renovation you will need a detailed plan with a clear set of goals. After writing your plan, you will have all the figures for a budget. You can then decide what parts of the plan you can realistically achieve.

One of the biggest “money eaters” is recruiting contractors and the building materials. You should take advantage of online home improvement price guides. They’re proven resources to help you plan the budget, with price comparisons for different agencies and individual builders. These types of price guides cover all ongoing aspects of a job. Items like variables that could affect the costs, average prices, DIY means, and how to get free quotes. 

Another thing to consider is the real estate market and the position your home has on it and regarding the neighbourhood and what it can mean for the potential selling option and how it changes after the “upgrade”.

planning a home renovation
Some tasks you might handle yourself, others may require a contractor

Upskilling for the project

Are there some skills and crafts that you’re particularly good at? They may come in handy during the renovations. Are you good with painting, for example. Or can someone in you family do woodwork? The renovation could become a family project, team building exercise. Stretching your imagination a little you could even encourage neighbourly volunteering.

However, be aware that while DIY renovations are a great way to save money, boost your accomplishment level, and involve the family, they can turn out to become harmful and unfortunate if you genuinely don’t know what you’re doing. Therefore, be sure to know what parts and tasks you can harmlessly grapple and which are just unknown or too big of a bite. If you’re at any moment feeling unsure or insecure, feel free to contact professional workers and contractors.

Extra, extra … read all about it

Maybe you wouldn’t think of this, but these bases to cover and situations to consider may affect the environment, duration, and the price of the reconstruction, as well as the availability of laborers on the market. These factors include:

  • Weather – Planning for certain projects depends on the temperature and dampness. Just imagine putting the epoxy floor in low temperatures or spray painting on a rainy day.
  • Your routine – Make sure not to disturb your daily routine (too much), especially if you have constructors coming over. Set up daily working time and space boundaries too.
  • Consult the calendar – As in how long will the renovation last, is it affecting holidays or vacation, and keep track of the process by marking the progress in the calendar.
  • Permits – Getting a building permit is considered to slow the process, BUT it is necessary and you’ll need one, sooner or later. Also, you will agree that structural and fire safety requirements are nothing to ignore. 

Last note on planning a home renovation

While choosing the new paint colours or new furniture or lighting is the most exciting part of any home renovation, do not let your whole attention, budget, time, and energy go on that. Those esthetical works can be done and changed frequently, as the segments that truly matter, like building structure, the quality of walls and roof, electrical and plumbing solutions, should be your number one concern. After that, wallpapers, greenery, and new cabinets are pieces of cake.



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