Selling your home tips – Top 10

19 Aug, 2022

Selling your home tips – Top 10

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Most homeowners move house from time to time, and likely you will be the same. Before you get started check out these selling your home tips. Reading and paying attention to these suggestions will help you make the most of this opportunity. The tips will also help you to prepare and make this step in your life as smooth as possible.

Selling your home tips

selling your home tips
Preparing your home for sale means making it presentable

On average, there were nearly 31% more homes on sale in July this year than in 2021. This has led to the median price of homes dropping slightly from June’s record high of $402,400. Houses are still selling well though and are typically on the market for around 35 days.

Lots of houses for sale

With such a large inventory of houses for sale, it is clear that many homeowners are choosing now to sell their property. In this competitive marketplace you need as much advice and selling your home tips as you can find. With prices being high, sellers are hoping to realize a higher than previously expected return on their investments.

However, before any homeowner can consider putting their home on the market, they have certain things to attend to. Read on and study these primary selling your home tips.

Top 3 items to consider

There are 3 things that every seller should put some time and thought into before trying to sell their home.

What needs to be attended to before you can sell your home?

It is normal to have to carry out some work before selling a home. Although it is perfectly feasible to sell a house in need of renovations and repairs, you would find it harder to find a buyer and would receive low offers.

Taking time to attend to a few areas around the home can help you see a faster sale and higher proceeds. Here are three things you should attend to help you sell your home.

Consider all your selling options

Before you can even begin to market your home you need to choose which method you wish to sell by. Typically, most homeowners will go down the traditional route of using a real estate brokerage.


A realtor tends to be the best way to get the highest price for a home. Realtors work on commission and it is in their interest to try and get the full asking value, or more, for your property.

You are likely to receive the highest bids through a realtor, but it could take some time to sell your home.

Home investors

Home investors are an option that is growing in popularity for a certain type of seller. These businesses buy up homes for cash, make repairs and renovations, and then sell them on for a profit. Unlike realtors, visiting shows that there is no commission to pay when selling your home this way.

Ideal for sellers who require a quicker sale, or have a hard-to-sell home, ie one that needs renovations or extensive repairs.

Property auctions

These are becoming more popular as they are easier to access than before. Instead of an auction being run in physical premises, many of these are now operated online. A homeowner can simply list their property on the auction site and set a reserve price and a time for the auction to run.

Can potentially be a faster way to sell a home than through a realtor.

FSBO – For sale by owner

Another method that allows the seller to avoid using a realtor and save on commissions. This selling method gives full control and all the headaches associated with selling a property to the homeowner.

Only practical if you are confident enough to handle all aspects of house selling. However, you would get full control over the entire process.


Instant buyers are one of the considerations in the selling your home tips. They are similar to home investor businesses but they target different types of properties. iBuyers use technology and software to evaluate the price of a home before making an offer. They choose houses that will be easy to sell for a quick profit.

Good for those sellers who wish to see money quickly and don’t mind selling for less than the asking price.

Put the home into a condition to sell

However unusual the façade make the most of the presentation opportunity

Investors paying cash

If you are selling to a home investor using cash, then you don’t need to worry too much about making repairs. Those buyers specialize in taking property that needs work and paying cash for them as they stand.

Refresh the look of your home

If you have chosen any other selling route, then you will need to get your home in suitable condition to sell. This means everything from cleaning to renovating, depending on the condition your home is currently in.

Home inspection

It is recommended today that sellers should carry out their own home inspection before allowing viewings. Finding problems early on means reducing any delays in the sale later on. The average cost of a house inspection is $337, but this can be money well spent if it helps you to sell your home without a hitch.

Making repairs

Whatever turns up on your house inspection will no doubt also appear on any buyer’s reports. Therefore, any problems here need to be fixed. The inspector will know how to spot signs of water damage, such as stains or warping. Everything that shows up on the report should be considered.

Additionally, by paying attention to often-overlooked areas, like your garage flooring, and making the necessary repairs or renovations, you can enhance your property’s overall appeal and value.

Carrying out renovations

There can be a tendency among house sellers to think they must carry out renovations to speed up the sale. This isn’t necessarily true, and you might not realize a good ROI if you choose the wrong remodelling job.

The opportunity cost of not remodelling

However, remodelling can boost the value of your property if you choose the right areas. Window replacements and decking tend to see a return of around 66% on the outlay, whereas major kitchen remodels may only see 51% of your investment returned. Replacing sidings and veneers will see an ROI of nearly 70% and 91% respectively.

The immediate benefits of remodelling

You can raise the value of your home through careful remodelling. But choose carefully. Your realtor can advise on selling your home tips and whether renovations are necessary.

Improve your curb appeal

One of the top selling your home tips is consider your curb appeal. You should try to look through your viewer’s eyes when reviewing your own home. The first thing they see can alter their mindset for the rest of the viewing.

Perception and first impressions count

The perceived value of a home can be raised by as much as 11% through improvements in this area. This is why realtors talk about curb appeal so much.

Update your facade

Give the front of the home an update. Fresh paint on window panes, tidy up the garden and install some lighting. Simple changes such as a welcome mat, and new house numbers can give a good impression. Use a pressure washer to clean the driveway if needed.

Hire a staging company

Once you have carried out any repairs and renovations you deemed necessary, you should give your home a deep clean. You don’t want any stains, dust, or odors in your home when it comes to viewings.

Decluttering is one of the primary selling your home tips

Decluttering is also important, but there is a better way to show off your home than just removing junk and bulky furniture. 

Using a staging company

Using a professional staging company is a very popular way to help with the marketing of a home. These companies tend to either bring their own furniture to replace yours, or they will use what you have and rearrange to show the home off in its best light.


They may also be involved with some redecorating and also cleaning, so it may be best to discuss your needs early on. Using a staging company can be expensive with the average cost being about $1,500. But, staging can help sell a home quicker, and for a higher price.

Investment in a staging company can pay off well

The Mortgage Reports published one article claiming that staged houses sell up to 73% quicker than those that aren’t. The Real Estate Staging Association reports that sellers who invest 1.7% of their home’s value into staging can see a return of 7.1% on their investment.

Check the NAR Reports

The NAR has also reported higher bids on staged houses, with bids being increased by up to 5%. Staging may not the most obvious task to carry out before you sell, but it could be a wise investment.

Give your home curb appeal

Selling your home tips in summary

Many jobs need doing before you sell your home. Sorting out finances before moving is essential, as is finding a property attorney. You also need to find somewhere to move to, and a company to move your belongings. These are the vital selling your home tips.

Selling your home tips

Nevertheless, before you can sell you need to choose what method is going to work best for you and your property.

The best selling strategy for you

Do you want to make renovations or just sell quickly? This will be one factor determining your selling strategy.

Urgent repairs and renovations

If you choose anything but a home investor or auction, you may have to make some repairs and renovations. Anything an inspection shows up must be attended to.

Staging your home

Lastly, consider staging the home. It may not be essential, but it could be the difference between a quick sale or your home staying on the market for weeks.


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