Cavapoos – 3 Things to know about the dog breed

6 Jun, 2021

Cavapoos – 3 Things to know about the dog breed

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If as a pet owner you have always loved dogs, you may already have a favourite breed. You may also have had one of the new cross breeds. Have you ever considered the Cavapoos as as breed? There are so many advantages to this friendly cross breed. Read on to learn more about this fabulous dog breed.

3 Things You Should Know About Cavapoo Dog Breed

A Cavapoo dog is a lovely friendly breed

A Cross Between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel And A Poodle, The Cavapoo Is Sure To Melt Your Heart

Cavapoos are known as one of the cutest crossbreeds of dogs. Their affectionate nature and ability to be friendly with everyone around make them a popular choice. Below are three things that you should know about this adorable breed which is doubtless a great family dog.

Physical Appearance

The Cavapoos were first bred in the 1950s but eventually became popular much later in the 1990s. Their popularity was due to the fact that there was a rise in demand for dogs that would shed less. This is because people with allergies cannot have pets that tend to shed a lot. 

Known for its small size and active personality, this breed quickly became a perfect choice for a family. Prospective dog parents looking for these pups at Uptown Puppies can find them in many varied colors ranging from black, white to chestnut. As their parent dogs are known for their intelligence and easy-to-train nature, the Cavapoo puppies can easily blend in with all different family types. 

Personality Type

This crossbreed brings the best of both worlds by inheriting characteristics from both its parent breed. The Cavapoos are loyal, loving, and make wonderful companions. As they are very intelligent, just like Cockapoos, they will need a lot of stimulation from their human parents. They tend to get bored easily so they must be constantly engaged in some activity or the other. 

If you are alone and tend to be gone for several hours to work, this puppy may not be the right choice for you. Their loyal nature causes them extreme stress and anxiety when they are left alone for a longer period of time. As a result, they could behave badly, be destructive at home, or bark excessively. 

This breed requires a lot of exercise as they are so full of energy. Don’t be side-tracked by their small size, their happy energies can go on for a long time until they get tired. Another thing to keep in mind about their personality is their gentle and sensitive nature. If you are too harsh on them or heavy-handed with your training procedures, these pups will not respond well to it. Be gentle when training them. Use a lot of positive enforcement to motivate them and you will surely be able to win their heart and mind.

Health Issues

Just like their parents, this breed is likely to have the same health issues. Though they are generally strong as they take in the best genetics from both their parent-breeds, they can be prone to anxiety, heart problems, and so on. The lifespan and vitality of the dog depend on how it is being taken care of by its owners. This is the reason why you should learn about different breeds before getting one home. This way you are aware of what your responsibilities are towards the dog. 

Make sure to feed your pup the correct diet. The Cavapoo breed has a short but curly hair coat and that means that it will be sensitive to heat. Make sure to provide is a nice and comfortable place to rest during the months of summer.

The Cavapoo is an intelligent dog breed, very trainable

How to care for your Cavapoos as puppies

The Cavapoos as puppies are very low maintenance and will not need much of your time for their maintenance. You should still make a schedule to ensure you are fulfilling all the needs of your puppy. Those with longer coats will need to be groomed weekly. If you trim their coats then they will remain in good condition for a long time. 

These dogs tend to easily get weepy eyes. This means that you will have to make sure to clean their eyes with a warm damp cloth or wipes. Dental care is mandatory for all types of dogs. Bacteria can be ingested through the mouth and cause digestive problems. 

A final word on the Cavapoos

As this breed is very intelligent, you can easily train them. However, you will have to be consistent and patient with them. Quick learning sessions of 15 to 20 minutes daily should be enough. Remember, being harsh on them will make them more anxious and this is when you will need patience. 

They will need a lot of rest in their pup years. They are mischievous but because of their cute nature, you can easily tend to overlook this aspect and spoil them with treats. While treating them once in a while is good, make sure to set some ground rules for them. Once trained, they will surely fill your life with a positive outlook towards life.


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